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Oh boy, here it is, the review for FRIDAY THE 13th PARTV: A NEW BEGINNING. It is not going to be pretty. I’ll probably say things like “screw this movie”, or type a lot of ‘sighs’, if you had to write about this movie, you’d do the same. I’d like to use harsher language to accost this film, but I’m trying to keep a PG-13 rating for the blog.

Anyway, FRIDAY THE 13th PRT V: A NEW BEGINNING doesn’t take place at Crystal Lake, and I’m not fully aware if it is even near Crystal Lake. The setting is a halfway house for the mentally ill. After opening with a dream sequence (with returning Corey Feldman), the dreamer, Tommy-flippin’-Jarvis, now a young adult. He’s being transported to the halfway house. Then things happen, 95% of the cast is murdered, final boss battle, discover it wasn’t Jason at all…wait, what?

Oh yeah, that’s right. This was apparently the plan, to have a new character who plays Jason Vorhees each film. Luckily, the fans hated this concept, and so FRIDAY THE 13th PART VI: JASON LIVES was made and released to a fan base that slept a little easier knowing that Jason was returning. But that doesn’t help at all when watching FRIDAY THE 13th PART V: A NEW BEGINNING. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but not for another couple films. I promise that it’s coming. The worst part is the reveal of who was the killer in the Jason costume, couldn’t help but wonder “Who the f*ck is this guy?” and when they straight up tell you he was one of the paramedics, and then reveal his motives and plan, I was still wondering “Who the f*ck is this guy?” The killer was a character that had five minutes screen time? That’s just goddamn lazy.

Regardless how much I rip on this film, it isn’t the worst of the series, that is still to come. However, it’s really REALLY bad. Again, in this film the final girl was hiding in the living room and Jason threw another person through one of the larger windows. So that cliché (can I call it a cliché) is still intact.

So what is so wrong with Tommy Jarvis? He spends most of FRIDAY THE 13TH PART V: A NEW BEGINNING a mute. He’s dull, boring, and mostly silent. The real clincher, though, is the end of the film where he (I’d say Spoiler Alert, but I feel I’m doing you a service by ruining it and then you don’t have to watch it) becomes the next Jason Vorhees. Then, at the beginning of FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VI: JASON LIVES, he’s perfectly fine. A little paranoid, but still nowhere near acting like the new Jason Vorhees. This happened between HALLOWEEN 5 and HALLOWEEN 6 also, where they did something pretty extreme to a character (in both cases, make the next bad guy) for an intense ending. Then when they couldn’t figure out how to make the next installment work with what they did at the end of the previous film, they simply…pretend it never happened. WHAT THE HELL!!! Driving me crazy!!!

There is so much broken about this movie, but I think I’ve touched on the big things. To be honest, writing this review is really hard and punishing because it is forcing me to rehash a terrible movie. So if you don’t mind, I’m gonna sign off right now.


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