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Ant-Man has officially shrunk into theaters, and has hit over $100 million at the box office, which is actually pretty impressive for the world's smallest superhero. Of course if the film is starring Paul Rudd as the infamous 'Scott Lang,' fans were delivered a lot of comedy, and a ton of tiny action on the big screen.

Actor 'Michael Douglas' who plays the role of the creator of the Ant-Man suit, Hank Pym, recently stated in an interview with 'Yahoo' that he would definitely look forward to doing more films with Marvel, but was only contracted for one film, and isn't quite sure if he would be returning to the Marvel Universe. If he were to return back to the big screen, he does have only one condition, he wants a larger involvement in the films, especially in the funny parts.

Will Hank Pym return to the big screen?

Marvel hasn't made Hank Pym the Ant-Man, that title was taken by 'Scott Lang' who was a thief, that originally stole the Ant-Man suit from Hank himself, and was the second person to become the "Ant-Man" in the comics. That doesn't mean that Hank doesn't play an important role in the story-line that takes place on-screen. He is the scientist that discovered 'Pym Particles' to make either himself, or anything-else to shrink, then later invented the "Ant-Man" suit.

While being interviewed by 'Yahoo' Michael Douglas (Hank Pym) was asked this:

"I guess one of the things is when you sign up for one of these movies is, you don't just sign up for one; you sign up to be a part of this universe. Is that what happened, is that what you've done?"

Douglas just simply responded by saying:

"Nobody has said anything yet, about anything. I'm not signed up for anything more, if it comes up I'm sure. I really enjoyed the experience, they're an amazing group, this whole "Marvel family." I've learned a whole lot, and I would look forward to more if it comes my way, if not..I enjoyed the experience."

Nothing has been said about Douglas coming back to his role, or him leaving the Marvel universe, nothing is official yet. Paul Rudd will be making an appearance as Scott Lang in Captain America: Civil War, but will Marvel involve more of Hank Pym in the Phase Three films?

He does have one condition though!

If Douglas were to return to the big screen, he does have only one condition, he wants his character to be a part of the humor that goes on in the films. Douglas stated, that when Ant-Man got re-written, the film was made even funnier than originally planned, and he feels left out of a lot of the extra comedy that was put into the film.

"Paul and Adam McKay’s re-write brought a lot more humor. I accused Paul of bringing a lot more humor to his character! Michael Pena can take care of himself, I on the other hand was left giving the exposition and the plot, which I was happy to do. In the next one I hope things get a little more bizarre."

It probably will get a bit more bizarre, but that's only if he is in the next one! It would be great to see a lot of the well-known characters involved in the comedy of the film, and give fans something even greater to watch.

Would you like to see Hank Pym return?

Contract or not, Marvel has the capability to give Hank a big role in Phase Three, and in many upcoming films. Douglas put up an amazing performance as 'Hank Pym' on-screen, don't you think so? Would you like to see him do it again? Comment down below about what you think Marvel should do!

If you haven't already, go check out Ant-Man in theaters now! It's a small surprise on a big screen!


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