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One of the remakes that I had discussed briefly in a previous article was the Nightmare on Elm Street remake. As I had said in that article, this movie is one that horror fans were not pleased with when it was released back in 2010. Standing at a 15% on RottenTomatoes and 5.1 on IMDB, the film hasn't been able to take a breath of air from being held underwater by fans hoping it'll disappear. With that being the case, I'm here to shed some light on the new Elm Street and point out some of the better things about it that maybe others didn't see or give a chance. This of course is all an opinionated view on the film. This leads me into my first point:

1. Forget about the original

By this, I don't mean to actually forget about the original. What I mean to say is, don't compare. There is a reason remakes are called remakes and originals are called originals. As an audience member, I don't believe one should go into a remake believing that they'll be treated to the same exact thing they had seen previously. If that IS what's supposed to happen, then what is the point of a remake. Why not just toss the original back into theaters and call it a re-release? Comparing a remake to it's original doesn't allow the audience's minds to flow along with the new movie. The mind is too busy picking pieces apart as to what is different and what is the same, just not done as well as it was before.

2. Freddy is darker

One of the best things about the original was that Freddy Krueger was a dark sadistic guy that didn't crack jokes until Dream Warriors was released. Don't get me wrong, Robert Englund was a fantastic Freddy and really understood the character and portrayed him better than anyone else could, but as I said in my first point, forget about the original. This re-imagining has brought Freddy back to the roots and is planning on keeping him there. One of the things that many fans had a problem with in this new vision was the idea that Freddy Krueger was a child molester. It's funny because that is exactly what the character was supposed to be in the original. Due to certain events that were taking place at the time, Wes Craven had to take that portion out and just make him a child murderer. Audiences all wanted Freddy to be dark and sinister again and they accomplished it in this film.

3. It's New

Remakes are particularly difficult to make, on account of the fact that if it's too different then there is no reason to name it A Nightmare on Elm Street, but if it's too similar, then what was the point of remaking it? It's not an easy job to remake a movie, so there has to be an even balance between the two. In this movie, there are plenty of homages to the original as well as fresh and new material that is worked with. Fans seem to overlook these particular homages that remind us that the creators are saying that they appreciate the original. What can also be noticed is that the homages aren't done heavily throughout the entire movie. One of the new pieces of the story is the characters. It's obvious that Freddy has been terrorizing these teenagers for a while now, but they haven't spoken up about it. They're all tired, emotionally drained and just wanting to get on with their lives. Another new thing with the story is the dream world. The dream world is bigger and more in depth than the original was. It's an interesting art piece that gives the audience more of that dream-like state and allows us to begin to feel trapped. 80% of the film is new material while the remaining 20% is composed of homages that let the audience know that they remember the original.

I'm hoping that these 3 particular reasons will make you tempted to give this remake another shot. It definitely wasn't a favorite of mine when it was first released, however, over time it has grown on me.

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