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I'd thought Since we are learning more about the new spider-man reboot. I'd thought I'd do a small post on another version of Spider-man i found online, one that could be possibly the most kick butt incarnation ever. or it could just as easily will suck, so I figured I would do a review on the first episode of the Spider, or as the creators call it a "pre-imagining" of Spider-man. then do an in dept disscussion on the frist five episodes as a whole and season 1.

so a quite overview on how i'll break them down: i'll break them into what works, what doesn't, and some stuff i'd like to see. However I would also love to get feedback form you all, the readers, on what you think about the series, characters and what you guys would also like to see.

So well this be good or not? let's find out.

episode 1 review:,manual

episodes 2-5 break down [warning mature content and spoilers for episodes 2 and 3-4 and minor spoilers for episode 5] :,manual

Season 1 over view: coming soon

and creators interview: coming soon (Any questions you want me to ask the creators like if venom or carnage will show up?)


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