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Sometimes when I read about Hollywood making a remake about this or that film I wonder: "do we really need that remake?". I don't have problems with remakes at all. I've always thought that the purpose of any remake is to present something fresh, something that walks apart from the original source, even if that means to depart completely from the original story. Lately, the tendency to produce remakes has increased in Hollywood, some of those tremendously bad and unwatchable (2012's Total Recall, anybody?).

We can't stop Hollywood messing with classics and masterpieces because we know how greedy people are these days inside the film industry. Still, there are movies that, no matter what, don't need a remake... EVER.

The Birds

We'll need a really big loaf of bread
We'll need a really big loaf of bread

Do I really need to give you any reason for this remake to never happen, besides that it's directed by Hitchcock? Seriously? The moment I read about it I pictured the whole thing. One night, one young executive saw the movie on TV and the next morning he enters his boss' office and says: 'Hey, check this out. Yesterday I saw The Birds and I was thinking, with lots of special effects and the hottest and trendiest movie stars we can make great revenue'. Come on! How silly can you be to even attempt remaking The Birds.

The Birds has suspense, tension, moving characters, a premise that is sustained throughout all the film, what else would you ask for? If you think a remake isn't such a bad idea, how about Michael Bay being involved in the project? I pray this doesn't take off, not now or ever.


Who's in there?
Who's in there?

Incredibly, another classic is getting a remake and that promises to scare us to death... only because anything coming out of it surely will be crappy instead of creepy. Ok, Nosferatu is a remake as well, but Werner Herzog's movie is not to be touched. If Bram Stoker's Dracula is the father of the vampire stories in literature, Nosferatu is a landmark in the history of cinema. At the end of the day, who cares anymore? If these two films are being remade, then Casablanca, Gone with the Wind or Citizen Kane can happen.

Now that we learned that classic movie masterpieces aren't untouchable, let's see why the next remake is, plain words, ridiculous.

The Raid

Looking for somebody?
Looking for somebody?

I'm sorry to say this but if there's one film that deserves the title of the best action film of the last decade that's without question The Raid. And don't get me wrong, Mad Max: Fury Road is absolutely great, but what director Gareth Evans accomplished in 2011 with this crime movie hasn't been seen anywhere. The plot, very much like Fury Road, is pretty simple: an elite force squad has been secretly dispatched to overtake one of the most dangerous criminals in the city and soon they find themselves trapped in a 30 floor building against hundreds of gangsters at the service of a ruthless drug kingpin.

Filmmaker Gareth Evans trusts a lot in practical effects and you can see that in The Raid. Action sequences in the vain of the first two Mad Max movies, stunningly choreographed street fights and interesting characters make The Raid one of those rare actions movies that don't need tons of CG effects to accomplish its purpose. What's more, The Raid 2 takes the action to a whole insane new level. I honestly believe that no film director other than Evans is capable of achieving what those two movies did.

I can't deny either that some remakes have been better than the original. True Grit, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the Man Who Knew too Much, are an example. On the other hand, most of the remakes we get year by year are, unnecessary, pointless and worthless. Conan the Barbarian, Poltergeist, The Thing, the list is quite long. I mean, why would we need a Point Break remake? If you saw the trailer of it then you already know how bad it looks.

Are you enthusiastic about these 3 movies being remade? Because I'm not.


Are you enthusiastic about these 3 movies being remade?


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