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According to a Variety report Oscar winning vetren Tommy Lee Jones will be playing the part of the CIA head nacho. Similar to the parts played by Edward Norton, Chris Cooper, Brian Cox and David Strathairn in the previous Bourne movies.

mage via EuropaCorp
mage via EuropaCorp

The Bourne trilogy has been one of the best action trilogy in the last few years and adding in one of the best dramatic actors there is and the return of Matt Damon. The script or anyother information about the plot has been released yet. The movie is written by Damon, Greengrass, and Christopher Rouse directed by Paul Greengrass. So far the bourn ultimatum has the most box office sales of the franchise at $442,824,138 world wide, The Bourne legacy at number two with $162,940,880.

Will the Bourne franchise be the best action franchise of all time?

The movies have great fight choreography that has been consistent and real to life also the fight choreographer Jeff Imada. according to him it is a mixture of different styles of fighting depending on the personality of each character.

Taken? : The ending scenes are one of the reasons this series has done so well. What? you say it is just as good as the Taken series? well i will have to disagree, the taken series has the exact same pilot every movie and well the fighting styles are similar and the main characters are strong, the only epic ending fight scene was in the first Taken movie, well the Bourne movies have never disappointing.

James Bond? : The james bond series have been going on for decades and is probably the most popular action franchise in the world, so will the Bourne series ever surpase the james bond movies? The reason the Bourne movies have become so popular i belive is how true to life they are. (or at least compared to the James Bond movies)

Yes they dont have the main character performing insane stunts in every movie every twenty minutes and incredibly hot women, but i think this is why people love the Bourne series. They have a character that people can relate to and a character that has everyone against him and the 'one' women he loves.

fight scenes from the Bourne series.

The future of the bourne series? :

To me for the Bourne series to continue it needs to stay away from the rut that the taken movies got in the same pilot and a two hour long chase scene and expand there scope. It needs to take us on a journey and change the pace and keep us guessing. Much like the Indiana Jones movies or James Bond movies end up going all over the world instead of keeping us in this one state or country.


What action Franchise do you like best?


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