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Anthony Borrelli

When I first found out that Paul Rudd was going to be Ant-Man I didn't know what to think. But after seeing Ant-Man twice now I know exactly what to think.

Going into it I didn't expect it to be terrible, but I also didn't expect it to be Avengers good. I got exactly what I thought I was going to get. It was like no other Marvel movie I have seen. I honestly thought it was a pretty good movie. It was much funnier than any previous Marvel movie, although that is to be expected with Paul Rudd as Scott Lang. Michael Douglas is a fantastic actor and he does a great job as Hank Pym. He also portrays a strong mentor to Scott Lang who takes up the mantle of Ant-Man. I must say that the CGI was brilliant and the blink of an eye shrinking and growing looked very cool. The fight scenes were also very well choreographed which helped Ant-Man look like a force to be reckon with. The only turn off for me was when they would put the miniature fights in real size perspective. In the middle of an epic sequence it made some things seem almost lame. Comedic relief is a valuable tool in movie making but this movie used it in a few wrong places. Other than the misuse of comedy in just a few places the movie really is a must see. It is a lighthearted movie and if you don't like it, I'm sure that if you have children they will love it. I hope this review helps and just gives yet another opinion on a fantastic movie.


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