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well i 've read it , it's just amazing , i looove it it's soo hilarious. Good narration, witty dialogue... ect

I LOVED the characters HAZEL , AUGUSTUS , their parents , issaac and van houten i just liiked theem <3

i was a bit hesitant since i knew it had a bit of romance , u know i just don't like that stuff


This book is one of the best books that I have read in a long time

I stayed up until midnight last night (after starting the book at around 8:30) so that I could finish it in one sitting.

It is a compelling story that illustrates death and heartbreak beautifully. I laughed, sometimes simultaneously and almost constantly.

There are some somewhat disturbing scenes, like when Augustus is throwing up and when Hazel reflects frankly on her cancer, but they are essential to the point of the book and without them the novel would lose some of it's power.

Augustus does put cigarettes in his mouth, but he does not light them and uses them as a metaphor for his control of his life and death.

He puts the cause of death in his mouth but does not give it the power to do him in. There is humor and witty lines throughout this book that puts a (for lack of a better word) optimistic view on what would otherwise be a bleak and depressing novel.

Overall, fabulous book, there's not really a good way to describe how amazing it is . Just read it, seriously.!!!! :D :*


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