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Remembering 9/11

September 11th is just around the corner. This is a date that weighs heavy on my heart and each year I take a moment of silence to reflect on where we were, where we are, and where we are going. I won't get into political views on this post as I am writing this to honor and remember ALL who sacrificed so much on that day, the days since, and the decades before... Below is an editorial piece I wrote shortly after the events of that day and have continued to add to and tweak every year since. I even had one version published in the USA Today on the 10th anniversary. That being said, read, honor, reflect, and remember... When you are done, share it if you like or leave your thoughts, memories, or in memorial comments below.

When I was a child, Vietnam was just over, WW II was not too distant a memory. The Cold War was going strong. America was full of pride & confidence. As I grew up, it seemed that the USA was invincible. In the 90's there were problems in the Middle East. The USA was looked to as the "Police" of the world. Spirits were high, unemployment was low & our guard was down.

Until 9/11/2001, the "great fight" had been limited mostly to military forces. On this day, that fight was thrust upon, not only the citizens of the USA, but of the free world. When those planes, plowed into the Twin Towers, Pentagon, & that Pennsylvania field, the message was "WE HATE THE USA". Their intentions were to cripple our economy, military, & way of life.

That day, citizens stepped up. Fire Fighters, Police, EMT’s, White collar & Blue collar workers all sacrificed their lives & well-being to help. We should remember the freedoms that our fathers, grandfathers, brothers, sisters, mothers, & friends have fought to protect for over 200 years. Do not forget those who gave all to protect all that you hold dear.

9/01/2001 was a Tuesday. It was a beautiful morning. Families were whole. This year regardless of the day or the weather, 9/11 will be another beautiful day. There are holes in the fabric of many families, torn by the events of that day & in the wake of 9/11. Never forget that day - the feelings of helplessness, despair, tears.

How many conflicts will we endure before we learn from the past? There have been defining moments in every generation. Our Grandparents had Pearl Harbor, our parents had the assignation of Kennedy, Vietnam. We shall remember 9/11/01 & the Gulf Wars. What events will our children remember? If we continue to repeat the sins of the past we shall never move past the conflicts & truly make a better life for the next generation.

We must remember the past & learn from it if we are ever to honor it.

Illegitim non carborundum! (Don’t let the bastards keep you down)


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