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Hard to believe that such a beloved character that has the ability to impose fear in the hearts of those who spread evil, has not yet surrendered to it himself.

His sanity depends on a delicate balance of extreme factors, such as exposure of real danger to his loved ones, level of cruelty from a class of criminals who spare no effort to achieve a specific goal, a corrupt city with no hopes of change...etc.

The mythology that surrounds Batman has always flirted with the supernatural element, which peaked in a story that has inspired this project - Legends of Dark Knight # 6 -10 - Gothic.

Written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Klaus Janson, this sensational series brings a unique take on this character's approach.

And again in another masterpiece in comics, Batman # 452 to # 454 "Dark Knight, Dark City" - written by Peter Milligan and illustrated by Kieron Dwyer.

It all starts in 1764 with a strange ceremony in a barn in Gotham.

A group of men, who are referred to as "The Freemasons" (including the presence of Thomas Jefferson) are performing a ritual that trap a demon in order to become their slave. The roll of his calling is easy, but it requires sacrificing a girl. Some of the members did not have the courage perform it. In the middle of the ritual the men panic, they flee with the girl still being locked behind in the basement forever. Here comes the mythological part of it. They are trying to summon the demon "Barbathos".

Then, everything becomes even more insane ... it seems that the city of Gotham and this evil entity merged, and Batman is the creation in this cursed city.

Below is my take on it:

During the study phase for this piece, I tried to emulate a style that came from German expressionism. After completing the draft on paper, I chose to finish it in Photoshop.

The result really surprised me, it's visual impact made me very satisfied.

I decided to then carry the design on to a different media, so I created the above mock-up with T-shirts.

You can check out my other projects on my Behance page!


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