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Hey guys I'm a new blogger and I want to tell you my life. It all started when I was 2. That's when my mom and dad got divorced. That year my dad stayed in our house while me and my mom temporarily stayed with my aunt, during that period my mom was looking for men. She found a boyfriend and moved in together. We lived on the same road as my dad and right down the road. They dated for 8 years because I just turned 11. So this year they broke up, I was sad and a little nervous about what was going to happen. My mom said we would move in the spring and then she decided we'll move in the summer so here we are in 4 days going to move into an apartment and my going out every weekend and she never used to do that. She is saying she might go out this weekend and I felt like and think OMG why do you need or get the urge to go out especially the same weekend we are moving, I think that is just childish and for that matter selfish! I ask her not to go out every weekend and I also tell her I don't want a new man in my life. When I do she gets all offended and tries to stick up for herself, I feel like she feels like she's locked up in a little bubble.

So every day I will have a new question for you.

Whats your opinion and Who do you agree with?

talk to you tomorrow.


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