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I'm going to fancast three batman villains a day for upcoming DCCU batman movies, and without further ado here's part 2 of my fancast

Firefly - Aaron Paul

I might seem bias toward breaking bad for casting two characters with actors from the show but, I'm not even really a fan of the show. I saw the first couple seasons and just couldn't get into, but anyway I remember firefly from the animated series and he was a pretty good villain even though he is more of a small time robber villain. I believe Aaron Paul would be a great addition of talent to the DCCU and could play this character perfectly.

Hush - Joaquin Phoenix

One of the greatest things about Tommy Elliot/Hush is he grew up with Bruce Wayne, and with Joaquin Phoenix clocking in at around the same age as Ben Affleck, he's the right age for the character. Of course that's not the only reason I would cast him as Hush, Joaquin is an amazing actor that I think could play the character well (he would be in bandages almost the whole time though).

Black Mask - Leonardo Dicaprio

This will probably never happen in a million years because Leo believes superhero movies are career killers, but this is a fancast so I can do whatever I want. Leo is one of the greatest actors of all time and brings so much talent to every role he plays, I think he would give one of the greatest comic book movie performances of all time as Black Mask.


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