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As I reported reported before, The Originals will be getting joined with some of their sired children this coming season:

Andrew Lees will be joining the show as vampire Lucien, who has issues with Klaus. Let's be honest here, who among the vampire community doesn't? He is charming, good looking, and intelligent always one step ahead of everyone else. It sounds like he might be trouble for the Mikaelsons.

Aurora: "Beautiful but deadly"
Aurora: "Beautiful but deadly"

Rebecca Breeds, from Pretty Little Liars , will also be joining the cast as the beautiful but deadly Aurora. She is seductive, free spirited, and could probably rival Caroline as being the life of the party. She can be charming, but will turn deadly at the drop of a hat, so those who cross her should beware.

Breeds and Lees are joining Jason Dohring as being the newest members of The Originals universe, and all of their characters look as though they might spell out trouble for the Mikaelson family. With Hayley and Elijah upset with him and newcomers looking for trouble, Klaus is going to have his hands full when the season starts.

The Originals season 3 returns on Thursday, October 8 on The CW.

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