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Recently, I got the chance to see Paper Towns, a movie that I never saw myself seeing, but ended up loving it.

So as for the unforseen circumstances of my seeing this film, I walked up to the box office to see Ant-Man, and the lady said


Imagine my distress.

So, determined to see a movie, I went to look at the options I had. I see a movie poster with Cara Delevingne, and, eager to see her in a movie because she’s going to be in Suicide Squad next year, I look at the movie title.

And I immediately groan, thinking that it was another film for teenage girls. But defying my preconceived notions, it was actually good. Very good.

The movie begins with a sequence where the main character, played by former Spider-Man hopeful Nat Wolff, describes his miracle, because everyone gets one, which was Margo Roth Spiegelman (Delevigne.)

They find a dead guy on a bench, as kids do ALMOST NEVER. Wolff’s character, Quentin seems very unchanged by the event, yet Margo seems changed. She investigates his death, which leads to her getting a love for mysteries. Which leads for her to go on mysterious adventures (unrelated to dead guy) including touring with a band and joining the circus.

She was one of those popular girls, and he was one of those geeky guys. They were friends as kids, but they gradually drifted apart to the extent that they rarely talked. Like kids do. But he continues to love her. Not as stalkery as it sounds.

But one night, in his High School senior year, she knocks on his window, just as he begins trying to sleep. She basically convinces him to go an adventure with her (because he’s in love with her)

He did

Some silly high school drama causes her to go on this prank vengeance with Quentin. Her boyfriend was cheating on her. But she’s a popular girl, and that is what she is, at least to what people see in her.

Anyway, she knocks on his window, and they go on a prank tour.

First, they go to BJ’s and get several supplies that seemingly seem weird. But they are some awesome pranks.

Anyway, I’m not going to spoil all the pranks, but they include Saran Wrapping cars and Catfish.

They then go to the Sun Trust building in Orlando, as Margo says they need to reflect on their adventuring, and she says all about the Paper Towns, a metaphor for how fake everything that everyone’s worried about and all of their fake lives.

Anyway, with some more poetic quotes from Delevigne, they return to their houses. She gives Quentin a meaningful lesson about going out of your comfort zone and getting what you want (I want spoil)

Quentin returns to his house and sleeps, and then, with two hours of sleep, he returns to school. And doesn’t find Margo.

She disappears out of thin air.

I’m gonna stop myself there, because I don’t want to spoil this incredible movie for you.

With a particularly amazing portrayal by Nat Wolff (who I would love to see as Spidey) and Cara Delevingne, and I’m anticipating seeing her in Suicide Squad.

It tries to be more poetic than it is sometimes, but with playful banter by a hysterical supporting cast, including Quentin’s dorky friends, Ben and Radar, this film defied my expectations. With a fun cameo by Ansel Elgort, who previously portrayed Augustus Waters in The Fault In Our Stars, another John Green movie, this is a fun flick for everyone.

I honestly hope everyone who is reading this at least gives this movie a chance You definitely should


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