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Often times when we think of superhero movies, we think of, well, their superheroes. The Dark Knight is a Batman movie, Man of Steel is a Superman movie, and The Fantastic Four is about the Fantastic Four. But if there's one thing we all forget about these movies, it's that the villain is just as - if not more - important than the hero. Where would Batman be without his polar opposite? Where would Iron Man be if corrupt millionaires and Russians didn't try to steal his tech? Admittedly, they'd be living in a paradise, but we'd be living in hell. No one wants to sit through a movie where Robert Downey Jr. is buying groceries and declaring his love for Salt Vases (get it? Pepper Potts?). We'd all watch it, but we'd hate it.

These villains play an important part in their feature films, with some of them so importantly tied to their heroes that they've appeared in one, two, and sometimes even three movies! But it's time that we shed some light on the comic book villains who haven't made their way onto the big screen yet. The forgotten ones who were left in the shadows by the likes of Joker, Green Goblin, and Doctor Doom.

Before we begin, let me clarify the rules:

  • Characters without an already released, explicitly stated solo movie won't have their villains here (no Wonder Woman movie, no Cheetah).
  • TV shows don't count.
  • Villains already announced or teased to be making their way onto the big screen won't be seen here. No Brainiac. No Metallo.
  • If the plans for a villain were scrapped, they're fair game.
  • Team villains don't count. If the rules were bent for the films (Loki), they could still appear on this list. No Darkseid.
  • Previous animated films roles don't count. Red Hood is allowed.
  • Deathstroke won't be on this list.
  • Previously announced, cancelled villains are off limits. Sorry, Carnage.
  • I'm going to stay away from Spider-Man villains (apparently everyone is gonna be the villain in the reboot)

So let's start:


Latest Appearance: Gotham (as a child)

Actor of Choice: Tom Hiddleston

Expected Appearance: The Batman II (as Hush)

Hush is an amazingly complex villain who has a personal vendetta against Bruce Wayne because of a childhood promise that went unfulfilled (to be fair, it was about his dying parents). While it makes sense for him to have not appeared yet because of the sheer set up it would take (flashbacks on flashbacks on flashbacks), they could set his past up in flashbacks in the first Batman solo outing, with Thomas Elliot (not yet Hush) shown as a close friend to Bruce Wayne, then return in the sequel as Hush (which we'll find out eventually). This character exposition would work the way the Captain America films treated Bucky Barnes, or the Raimi trilogy treated Harry Osborn (except in flashbacks, not present day).

Hugo Strange

Latest Appearance: N/A

Actor of Choice: Jeff Bridges

Expected Appearance: The Batman

Hugo Strange is one of the best and oldest Batman villains, preceding Joker and Catwoman by months. Besides looking like a terrifying man (baldness doesn't help him), he's an incredibly brilliant yet incredibly evil scientist and psychologist. His obsession with Batman led him to deduce the Dark Knight's identity, revealing this to him by dressing in his freaking costume. When Hugo realized that his hand to hand combat wasn't enough to take down the Batman, he created a cannibalistic race of super humans, called the Monster Men. Needless to say, Batman would be in trouble.

Red Hood

Latest Appearance: N/A

Actor of Choice: Tom Felton (he's great in playing multi-layered characters - Draco Malfoy?)

Expected Appearance: The Batman

Red Hood is a character that constantly comes up in every list of . . . anything. Batman villains we need to see? Red Hood. Best villains? Red Hood. Fancasts? Red Hood. So here you go, it only makes sense to include him here. I'm not going to crazily outline how and when he should appear, so here: the Batman movie, as the Red Hood as long as we know about Jason Todd already.

Mr. Sinister

Latest Appearance: X2 (mention only)

Actor of Choice: Jason Isaas (Lucius Malfoy - come on)

Expected Appearance: Gambit

Mr. Sinister is an elegant, ruthless alpha-level mutant. He has rapid healing, speed, stamina, cellular shape-shifting, telepathy, flight, immortality, and any other powers you would expect him to have. Think Dark Phoenix, without the Phoenix Force. Not only would he make an amazing addition into the X-Universe post-Apocalypse, but his origin ties right in. What is his origin, you may ask? Well, him and his loyal followers were the ones to wake Apocalypse from his tomb. Once woken, Apocalypse gave powers to Mr. Sinister, letting him become . . . this. Along with Apocalypse, he would be a great secondary villain for the film, but seeing as that's out of the picture, he would be a great antagonist for Gambit.

Fin Fang Foom

Latest Appearance: Iron Man (Easter Eggs...?)

Actor of Choice: CGI

Expected Appearance: Too Late

Fin Fang Foom is a stupid dragon villain that fights Iron Man. While that may not sound like much, well, it's that much. Fin Fang Foom wouldn't ever be a full movie's villain. You know how in the start of movies, you have the hero take down an easy villain so that the audience knows that they're strong, and when they're defeated by the main villain, you know he means trouble? Yeah. It's like that.

So there are five super-villains that I believe need to step up in future movies. Did I forget someone? Let me know in the comments!

PS Don't say Mysterio, Kraven, Carnage, Brainiac, Darkseid, Deathstroke, or Metallo.


Who do you think needs to join their respective movie-verse ASAP?


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