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After reading Mike Fleck's article I thought about my answers and I've decided to go ahead and write them down. I have dreamed of having superpowers my whole life probably just like many others have too. It was not until recently that I settled on what 3 I would pick. So here's my thoughts on what powers I would choose and who my greatest enemy would be.

First off I would be a hero. But not a boy scout like Superman. No I would would be more of a Batman or maybe even Red Hood.

Now for the power aspect of this post. Here are the three powers I would pick in order of which I think is best to have.

1. Telekinesis

In my opinion I think telekinesis would be the single most important power you could have. The possibilities are endless when you have a power like that. You can do amazing things without even being up close and personal. You could also block any weapon or projectile with the move of a hand. And when you have practiced and strengthened this power you can lift things that you would never be able to lift otherwise without completely draining your physical strength. It can be used offensively and defensively. This power could also take the place of flight. Much like Magneto uses his power to fly him around on metal discs you could the the same as a telekinetic. It's a two for one power!

2. Chronokinesis (Time Manipulation)

Hourman DC Comics
Hourman DC Comics

Think about it. Already with these two powers alone the hero would be near impossible to beat. Time manipulation is one of the most powerful abilities to possess. You could freeze time and move bullets, missiles, hand weapons, anything, you could move it away from it's mark. If you see that you are too far away and so late that even your telekinesis wouldn't be fast enough you could stop everything and use your telekinesis to stop whatever is about to happen. The only problem with time manipulation is that when you begin moving forwards and backwards in the time continuum things begin to get messy. Every alteration no matter how small could possibly have major repercussions to the past or future.

3. Invincibility

Finally for the cherry on top. Invincibility would by my third power. I did not arrive at this conclusion easily. It was rather difficult but with this power the hero would be unbeatable. So even if some crook was able to get a shot at you without you stopping it with telekinesis or diverting it with chronokinesis you would not be harmed. If anything this power becomes a last line of defense. I will be the first one to say Superman is a little overpowered but invincibility would be pretty handy to have as a power and that is why it makes my list.

So there are my three powers I would choose. Finally there is the question of who would be my greatest nemesis. The answer...

A Best Friend

My greatest enemy would come from my best friend. One that I failed to save, and feel responsible for what they have become. Having the feeling of responsibility for what they have become would make for a dynamic game of cat and mouse. I wouldn't be able to ever stop him for good because I would never give up the hope of helping him find his way out of the darkness. That will also be a weakness he would exploit but that is why he would be my greatest nemesis, we would go back and forth forever, me never losing hope I can still help him.

So there it is. The powers I would have as a hero and who would end up being my greatest adversary. This is a very fun topic to write about and I would encourage everyone to try and answer the question. Hero or Villain, pick three powers, and an arch enemy. I hope you have enjoyed my answer. Let me know what your decisions would be too.


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