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Before I start, this is not a review...

This is an article about how the great movie, "Ant-Man" is underrated and misjudged.

Ant-Man Was Great

Some may say that all Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are great but I would have to disagree. The Incredible Hulk was ok, Iron-Man 2 and 3 were meh and the Thor movies are flat-out disappointing, so when I first heard Marvel was making an Ant-Man movie, I thought that it would be the end of their amazing streak of amazing films... I thought the concept was so dumb at the time. Also, I had little faith because I had hear Edgar Wright had quit. But then I saw it and I was amazed. It was INCREDIBLE!!!! This movie was an origin story film that made me not want to dig out my eyes. It was full of emotion, action, comedy and amazing star power! But, not everyone knows that. The general public seems to think the concept is still stupid. This Ladies and Gents is why Ant-Man probably won't get a sequel...

Money/ Concept

Ant-Man has been making so little income, it can be compared to when the Marvel Universe was just starting in 2008. It only grossed 52 million its first week. Now, for Marvel, that's not a lot, especially when it took 150 million to make. People seem to not be going because they think the concept is dumb. Which it sounds dumb but it's really not. If they knew how awesome it was, it would make as much as GOTG because everyone had their doubts about that too. I don't think Ant-Man would get a sequel because of this. Heck, when Paul Rudd said to his son that he would be playing Ant-Man, his son replied, "That sounds stupid."

I guess we'll see Ant-Man in Civil War and Infinity War...


Being a producer is a hard job because you're the guy everybody hates. Everyone's only problem with Ant-Man is all the references getting in the way, but Kevin Feige has to do that. That's why Edgar left and I think that may have pushed some people away.

I feel Ant-Man is unrated and should get a sequel!


What do you guys think??

-Ethan Fiske

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