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With all the rumors about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice circulating, a big one is that none other than Doomsday (the monster that killed Superman) will be the big bad threat in the movie

Yes, there is admittedly some evidence for this theory but what in my opinion is a much more plausible one is that the big bad threat is actually none other than the Superman clone Bizzaro.

To those of you unfamiliar with Bizzaro, Bizzaro is an unfinished Superman clone created by Lex Luthor. Also some of his powers are the opposite of Superman’s (Superman has heat vision, Bizzaro has ice vision. Superman has ice breath, Bizzaro has fire breath) Why I find this likely is for a few reasons.

First off, we know Lex Luthor has General Zod’s body.

If Lex Luthor wanted to clone a kryptonian, a body of one would help quite a bit.

Secondly, in some shots Superman seems a bit out of character

In this screenshot of the trailer, we see Superman blasting heat vision against Batman. Ask yourself this: with all the controversy around him, do you think Superman would try to take another life, especially that of a hero? It seems much more likely that a mindless clone hell bent on destruction would try to kill someone in that way.

And finally it gives a good reason for the heroes to fight

All of a sudden, Batman and Superman fighting makes complete sense. Batman already has anxiety about Superman but what pushes him to literally fight him is seeing Bizzaro, posing as Superman, lay waste to everyone and everything in its way

Well, that's my theory. Hope you enjoy!


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