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This movie showed not every one was a bad typical marine in Vietnam. It also showed you didn't have to have a huge budget


Jarheads is the haunting tale of bordem of war and what real war can become when you never get to see it. The film shows that the mind can create more horrible ideas than can really be.

8.Three kings

A heist tale shows what life was during that time with a dark comedic style

7.Lone Survivor

A extremely releastic depiction of combat the film makes you care for these four navy seals by showing you the truth.

6.Inglorious Basterds

QT's self proclaimed masterpiece sets us in terrible time and shows through a dark comedic twist that we as people love seeing Nazi's get there balls shot off with witty and interesting comedy.

5.Born on the fourth of july

The true story of a eager teen ready to enlist this movie takes a setting we've seen many times done to masterpiece level of success a plot line that has been used senice the 3rd acadmey award show and manges to ditch the cliches and shows the world that war is violent for every one and shows that no matter your own thoughts on the war always respect the troops.

4.Black hawk down

The best modren war film of our time shows the realistic combat that never lets you breath. It illustrates courage and a idea of hope and never gets tunnel vision


The film that showed whats worth fighting for and in battle honor is nothing

2.Saving private Ryan

A war film that has the realism and characters need for a ultimate war film

Honorable mentions

Full metal jacket , paths of glory , thin red line. And finally Rescue Dawn.

1.Apocalypse Now

Coppola's film has the Veitnam realsim with camrea work that engrosses you far into the film that aslo has the best written war film in cinematic history.

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