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If you are a person living in 2015 and are familiar with the subject of superheroes, then you without a doubt recognize the two Comic Book Companies pictured above.

In recent Years we have seen something amazing happen. All the superheros we know and love are beginning (if they haven't already) to hit the big screen, with their super Muscles and chiseled jaws. I mean just take a look at What Mark Ruffallo has done to prepare for his role as "The Incredible Hulk".

Wow! If i didn't know any better I'd say those biceps are fake. And the commitment of dying yourself green! Props to you Mark... (Joke)

Anyway. For the past few years people from around the world have been nerding out and waiting on line for midnight premieres for our Caped Crusaders of our childhood in HD epicness . And we'll continue to Nerd Out for Years to come. Why you ask?

(*Big Booming Voice from the Heavens*) "CINEMATIC UNIVERSES-ES-eS-es -s!!!"

Which is not news at all, Marvel started their's after the huge success of Jon Favearu's 2008 Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr. (if it is news for you, time to move out from under that rock.)

The Real News is that after 7 years and 12 MCU films later DC is finally starting their Cinematic Universe. The "Some-What" pilot film Man of Steel set things in motion, then on March 26, 2016 (after another year and Marvel film has gone by) the DC Cinematic Universe will officially connect and begin with Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Now here is where the problem begins. If you're like me you don't discriminate between the Super hero sources. (Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, etc. it doesn't matter. you just love to see someone in colorful tights, kicking the crap out of some bad guys, followed by huge unrealistic explosions). Then you're also excited to see that DC will finally get some, Justice, on the big screen. heh. heh. Finally like an evil scientist villain, you will be thrilled to see the competition start, and watch both studios try to out-do and eventually destroy each other with their Huge budgets, over-the-top CGI, and crazy special effects.

However at this point the Cinematic competition seems to be a, "no contest". That is compared to the competition we've seen go on between Marvel and DC in their comics and Animated Series/cartoons. It would appear that marvel has the upper hand. After all they have a ton of movies, fancy "Phases", and everything is connected (not just movies any more). Their TV Shows, Even Their Comics are starting to come full circle. meanwhile DC can't seem to realize a good point to start a CU with.

  • DC Employee-"Sir Should we start a CU with Nolan's Dark Knight series that Everyone knows and loves?"
  • DC Bossman-"Nah"
  • E-"Well what about our Arrow universe that people are starting to become familiar with"
  • Bossman-"Nah Bro"
  • E-"Then What?"
  • BM-"lets start it with a superman movie cuz there are already 50 million of those so everyone must love superman, then we'll add in Batman with a completely different actor and story line than what the audience recognizes. after that we'll add in some obscure comic references, cuz everyone reads the comics. then we'll do a movie where all the villians are in prison but we wont show how they got in prison or their super hero rivals."
  • E- "..."
  • BM- "I AM GENIUS! oh and you're fired..."

But there's something I Bet many people have over looked. Since 1989 a small, little company you may have never heard of has owned DC Comics. This company "Time (Freakin') Warner". With their sub-division entertainment studio WARNER BROTHERS.! So that means the DC bossman in the conversation above is really the WB. Bossman. A smart bossman at that because from 1989, starting with Tim Burton's Batman, has Been raking in the ginormous piles of dough from every comic, movie, cartoon, tv show, and video game, that arrived in those following 26 YEARS!!! Compare that to Marvel who was purchased by Disney only 7 years ago and still doesn't have the rights to all their characters ( 20th Century/Fox, Why Do you have to do this. Bring X-Men and Fantastic Four home. we just want to see the family all together again. Spidey came home why can't they!!!)

So, on that Bomb-shell who do you think is winning this war? DC because of their cash haul for Warner Bros. in the last 26 years or marvel for giving the fans what they want and closely connecting stories and characters together. (if you ask the studios i bet its the money.) Which Cinematic Universe are you More excited for? Hopefully in the next 30 years, the war will end in peace and we'll see a crossover between the two studios like we did in the comics. Anyhow, whatever happens I'm happy to say I'm excited for it and I hope you are too.

(If you haven't seen the Baman Piderman youtube series you need to check it out. you will be confused, disturbed, and die of laughter all at the same time.)

Thanks for reading! Maybe i'll run into you at the theater sometime.



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