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Well after lots of rumors of Chris Pine in talks to play Hal Jordan, we can finally put those rumors to bed. Earlier this summer we heard that he was in talks for Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman and now those come full circle as The Wrap reports that deal is closed. Chris Pine, Captain Kirk, will play Wonder Woman's love interest Steve Trevor in 2017's stand alone Wonder Woman movie. You can read The Wrap's full article right here.

Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor originally appeared in All Star Comics #8 in 1941. He was first introduced as a WWII intelligence officer working for the United States army. Diana and him met after his plane crashed on Paradise Island and he was nursed back to health by the Amazons. It is here that Diana first falls in love with Steve. Steve Trevor is a strong character and has his own battles to fight as well as fighting side by side with Wonder Woman from time to time. Trevor is to Wonder Woman almost as Lois Lane is to Superman. I only say this because Trevor has often been trapped by enemies and Wonder Woman must swoop in to save him. This may provide some comedic relief if we see something similar in the live action Wonder Woman film. Most recently in the DC's New 52 Trevor has acted as a liaison between Wonder Woman and the US military and even as a liaison between the Justice League and the military. It is in the New 52 that we also see him become head of A.R.G.U.S. and even a part time member of The Justice League of America. Introducing Steve Trevor will open up a lot of connections and future story arcs for the DC movie universe. I think Chris Pine will do an amazing job with the character and I'm excited to see it, too bad it's not until 2017!

What do you think of the casting decision?


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