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I don't know about you guys, but I am a little annoyed with everyone from Supernatural. I have been long awaiting Summer and because of them I can't wait for the eleventh season of Supernatural to come out in October. The last season ended with some pretty big things going on, so if you have been living under a rock (which is no excuse for not watching Supernatural) than stop reading and go catch up. For everyone else, here is a recap of what happened, what we have to look forward too, and information about season 11 from Jeremy Carver, Misha Collins, and Jared Padalecki.

In the finale of season 10 Sam and Dean were at it again, Sam would stop at nothing to save his brother and brushed off every risk that came with it. Dean is in Nebraska and joins up with a hunter from his past named Rudy who Dean let die while killing a nest of vampires. He shows absolutely no remorse for his actions, or lack thereof, which even had some of us die hard fans questioning if Dean could ever come back from that. Dean clearly starts to question this himself as he later trashes his motel room and, possibly the most heartbreaking scene in the episode, when Sam comes looking for him and finds his trashed room he see's everyone's favourite car keys, Baby's keys with a note underneath saying she's all yours. If what Dean does next wasn't clear enough, giving up his baby says that he has given up. He seeks out Death to have Death kill him, but alas, the Mark of Cain will not let him die so there goes that plan. Death says that he can remove the mark but tells Dean that the Mark of Cain is sort of like a key that locks away something called the darkness, which prior to creation God and the arch angels fought and locked away. Someone has to bare the Mark of Cain or else the darkness is freed, something of course Sammy does not know. Death and Dean agree to send Dean away, somewhere where he cannot hurt anyone, but it's when Sam gets there that things really start to get emotional. Dean agrees with Death that Sam has to die because Sam will stop at nothing to get his brother back to him. When Sam gets there and hears this he tries to convince Dean that he is a good man, which he doesn't want to hear and than resorts to fighting. After failing to win, because lets face it the Mark of Cain is strong in more ways than one, Sam tells Death to kill him and Dean takes Death's scythe and tells Sammy to close his eyes. At this point, and not for the first time, I am inches from the screen trying to reason with fictional characters. Sam gives Dean some family photos telling him that when Dean is ready these will help him find his way back and Dean swings Death's scythe into Death himself, killing him?! Rowena has finished the spell and released Dean from the Mark of Cain, Sam and Dean get back into his car and get Baby stuck in a hole as a massive black cloud starts to surround them. Truly a great episode which I recommend watching again, regardless of the last time you saw it. Don't worry Cas and Crowley lover's, I will get to them.

The new season is looking to be absolutely full of ideas. The boys will be going back to their roots, fighting something evil together and both unaffected by any outside force (Demon blood, the Mark of Cain, being a Demon, being possessed by Lucifer, going crazy and not telling his brother, haunted by hell and than purgatory and not telling his brother, etc.) I am looking forward to them working together and reflecting some of what we loved in the earlier seasons. The Darkness of course being a main focus, the will undoubtedly go more into the battle between God and the Darkness (which we may not see due to their reluctance to show God but we should at least hear stories of it). In an interview Jeremy Carver also discussed how the Darkness has some unfinished business between itself and what locked it away, which suggests (for those of you not already thinking it) that it is not a bunch of ancient demons but one powerful entity. He has said that both Heaven and Hell will fear it as it is so old and unknown to them and that one of the ongoing things in the season will be the brothers trying to get information on the Darkness, what it is, what it wants, and how to stop it which I don't imagine will be an easy task. So it may be a while before we get the goods on this new big threat. One thing I really love about this interview is that he has said that a theme from this season will be that you can't escape you past, so some faces from past season's will be coming back (hard to say in what capacity at this point), which I think is one of the many great things about this show. No one is ever completely gone and not coming back, you never know what to expect because they do not rule anything out (except of course when it comes to a death of Sam or Dean because we all know unless they kill them off and end the show entirely, there coming back to life somehow). Season 11 will also be introducing a new character named Amara and while we are not sure how her character will connect with the Winchester's she will be a significant and recurring character, played by Emily Swallow who played FBI Senior Special Agent Kim Fischer on the Mentalist. Also we must re address the issue of Death being killed! Can that even happen? I suppose if anything can kill him it would be his own scythe, though if that is true I must point out how dumb it is to give the one thing that can kill you to anyone even if you think they were actually going to kill their brother. I am interested to see if Death is really dead and if he is what the means for the world.

In the finale of season 10, Castiel was helping/ supervising Rowena while she tried to remove the Mark of Cain from Dean. Crowley is there as Cas summoned him to help get the ingredients for the spell. Once the spell is completed that's when things start to get dicey. Shockingly Rowena uses magic to freeze Cas and Crowley on the spot and after some gloating to Crowley she takes the books and uses her magic (which is clearly much stronger since she is able to take on both Crowley and Castiel) makes Cas attack Crowley. The last we see of those two is Cas, with blood dripping from his eyes, attack Crowley with an angel blade. This episode was heartbreaking and nerve wracking from every angle. What happens to Cas? Does he really kill Crowley? I personally doubt it because, well he's Crowley. Misha Collins has given some information about the new season in emoji form, featuring angels and demons, pizza, burgers, beer, a ghost, more pizza, etc. (Which you can read with the link below if you care to try to interpret). Misha has also been a little more clear and said that Castiel will have turned dark when we see him again and he will be suffering from the effects of the attack dog spell. He said at Comic-Con that the spell will last awhile and the impact it has on him will be more pronounced than the Mark of Cain. He also mentions the darkness and that it was a tale of Angel bedtime stories and as such Angels did not think it existed and thought of it as a myth. Not to worry everyone, in an interview Jared Padalecki said that the boys were protected from the smoke and Darkness since they are shielded in their car so for at least a bit of the first Episode of Season 11 the are both alive and together. Hopefully we can enjoy that for a little while.

I am really looking forward to the new season, but will try not to wish away the Summer too quickly. Season 11 will air on Wed October 7 so mark your calendars (feel free to be awesomely punny and put the Mark of Cain on the date).

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