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DC has always been a home to some of the greatest villains ever seen, such as the Joker, Lex Luthor, Darkseid, The Anti-Monitor, or Parallax. However, many of DC's most recognizable villains come from the rogues galleries of either Batman or Superman. Granted they are the two most popular comic book characters of all-time, but I thought I'd shed some light on the villains that cause problems for our other heroes. Let's take a look at DC's greatest villains that aren't Batman or Superman rogues!

5. Black Manta

Black Manta is one of Aquaman's greatest foes. He is a man with an extremely horrific past. He takes the hatred for this past and projects it onto Aquaman. Black Manta is obsessed with ruling Atlantis and the seas, and feels most comfortable in the ocean. What's interesting about Black Manta is that he's not actually Atlantean, yet can take on those who are, all while remaining underwater. He is ruthless killer that takes no pity on anyone, and is notable for killing Aquaman's son.

Black Manta, while being an extremely skilled killer and tactician, also has an army at his disposal. His Manta Men are a highly trained group of assassins that do his bidding and help him fight against forces from Atlantis. He is in peak physical shape, and has even gone under gill implantation surgery to allow him to breathe underwater.

4. Captain Cold

Next on my list is none other than the leader of The Rogues, Captain Cold. Cold, like most great villains, is a layered and complex individual. He is not always villainous, but he is often in the gray area. Cold, real name Leonard Snart, is a classic street-level villain who had a rough upbringing. His goal is to make a better life for himself and those closest to him by taking what he wants and what he needs. One of Cold's greatest, or in this case, worst attributes is his constant switching of sides. He betrays everyone including but not limited to his sister, Flash, and the other Rogues. This makes Cold unpredictable, and we all know that a villain that is unpredictable is more dangerous than one that isn't.

Cold is known for his Cold Gun. He uses this weapon to combat the Flash as well as anyone that crosses his path or gets in his way. In more recent interpretations of the character, his cold gun's ability was actually fused with his body making him a meta-human. Snart has all of the same abilities as he did before, but with the added bonus of being able to biologically control his powers rather than rely on the technology of his gun.

3. Black Adam

Even though Black Adam has gone up against Superman before, he is not a Superman rogue. Adam is hundreds of years old, being born in ancient Kahndaq, and was the chosen conduit for the godly powers of Shazam. However, Adam was actually tricked into receiving the powers of Egyptian gods rather than the powers of the true Shazam gods, Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury. Despite this deception, Adam receives immense power, but becomes corrupted with power and hellbent on dishing out his form of justice. He abides by an ancient form of justice by death and feels as though those who oppose his will should be punished in the most ultimate form.

Black Adam's abilities are derived from the Egyptian gods that embody each trait given to him. The gods that power Adam are Shu, Heru, Amon, Zehuti, Aton, and Mehen. Shu gives him stamina, Heru gives him speed, Amon gives him strength, Zehuti gives him knowledge, Aton gives him power, and Mehen gives him courage. While his powers are similar to that of Captain Marvel, or Shazam, his powers are solely hosted by him and him alone, while Billy Batson has sometimes shared his powers with other children. Along with his power comes the experience of living for hundreds of years and experiencing the pain and grief that comes with it. This gives him the edge he needs to carry out the 'justice' he believes he is dealing.

2. Sinestro

Thaal Sinestro is an alien from Korugar. He was one of the finest and most well-regarded Green Lantern Corps. members whose aspirations of order had brought stability to his sector. Unfortunately, this stability was enforced by his brutal dictatorship of his entire sector's people. He is an arrogant, and powerful being that forged the yellow power ring himself. Much like other great villains, he believes that his form of justice and order is the righteous one, and doesn't fully realize the villainous outcomes of his actions. Sinestro has gone up against Hal Jordan for years, as well as the Guardians of Oa. The hatred he harbors for them comes from the stripping of his Green Lantern ring due to his harshness and enforcement of 'justice.'

Sinestro is a brilliant 'man' who is extremely cunning. Paired with his power derived from his yellow ring, he becomes a villain to the entire universe. His ideals of justice and order make him unreasonable since he is unwilling to compromise his views. Sinestro also controls the beast known as Parallax, who ravished the DC universe when it took over Hal Jordan's body.

1. Professor Zoom

Speeding into the top entry is Eobard Thawne, more commonly known as Professor Zoom or the Reverse Flash. Eobard is a renowned scientist from the 25th century who idolized Barry Allen's Flash. Conquering time travel, he tries to meet Barry, only to learn that he is the one destined to become Barry's greatest rival. This information tears Eobard apart thus giving him the motivation to eliminate Barry from existence so that he can become the hero he admired so greatly.

Eobard is immeasurably smart due to the advanced science and information supplied to him by the era he was born in. Along with this he is extremely fast, just like The Flash. As we know, speedsters are some of the most powerful beings in the DC universe. They can take on the likes of the greatest superheroes there are, as well as alter the past in horrific ways. All of this combined with Eobard's obsession and hatred for Barry and destiny of rivarly makes him one hell of a force to be reckoned with.

There are your top 5 greatest DC villains who are not Batman and Superman rogues. Hopefully, I sparked your interest in some of these other DC properties because they deserve your attention. As I said before, DC is known for creating some of the greatest villains of all-time. These are mine, but when you read more perhaps you'll find other DC villains that become your favorites. Thanks for reading guys and let me know if you've changed some of your favorite villains lists thanks to this, and be sure to let me know who your favorite DC villains are!


Out of these 5 who is your favorite?


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