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...nd honsou, Antony mackie , Don chedale, Cuba gooding and Tyler perry are out of context. Michel B jordan , Idris Elba and Chadwick Boseman are already commited. Remaining - Omar sy (i think he's awesome for the role) , David Oyelowo ( little bit of workout needed but far better than fuck-face tyrese) are great choices but Don't know about fans response . Yassin bey, Noel clarke , Rickey whittle , Michel Jai White are other Low profile options also Far better than Tyrese and can easily survive under chris pine's Hal Jordan. But people won't pay to see them on screen as a lead. Still i think not to cast Tyrese. Roped in Denzel and show him 10 years younger which Denzel can easily manage. Best option to cast Jensen Ackles , Matt Boner and Taylor kitsch as Guy Gardner, Hal jorden , Kyle Ryner with any above mentioned options as John Stewert and show their's an age difference between them. This will surely solve the problem to get in the theater and also quite fan favorite cast with some new talent. But Kill Tyrese , he's a clown.


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