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Reports from various sources have been coming in today, stating that Chris Pine, who was a fan favorite to play Hal Jordan, will not be portraying the emerald guardian in the upcoming film Justice League Part One. Instead he'll be playing Steve Trevor, who is a primary love interest of Wonder Woman's. However, there is still hope to see a worthy actor take the oath come 2017 when director Zack Snyder takes a crack at blowing our minds with Justice League: Part One. Now that Chris Pine is out of the picture, we're forced to ask: who will be our next Hal Jordan? Let's take a gander at four of my personal candidate ideas..

1. Penn Badgley

Now before you chew my head off, let me explain. Penn doesn't only have the looks, but he could easily play the witty and sarcastic Hal Jordan. Have you seen him in Gossip Girl? I mean... I haven't... all right fine. Yeah, I watched a couple of episodes, but to be fair, it was before I had cable. Anyways, in the show, Badgley is effortlessly humorous and bursts at the seams with sarcasm. He may not be on the same level as Chris Pine, but I don't think he'd be a terrible choice.

2. James Marsden

Let's be honest, James Marsden is great at playing the role of the douche/tool. I mean look at his roles in Sex Drive (2008) and X-Men (2000). James played the insensitive jerk of an older brother in Sex Drive, and portrayed one of the douchiest characters in the Marvel Universe in X-Men as Cyclops. After nailing both roles, who's to say that he couldn't play a character like Hal Jordan? This Green Lantern is whiny, sarcastic, humorous, and solemn when he needs to be. Marsden could easily pull off the aforementioned traits, making him a great candidate. Not only are his abilities fitting to the role, but his looks are as well.

3. Armie Hammer

First, I'd like to say that Armie Hammer wouldn't have played a bad Bruce Wayne in the unborn film Justice League: Mortal. But back to the matter at hand, Hammer's looks are nearly identical to those of Hal Jordan's. This actor has done a great job at showing his ability to adapt to his roles, being able to pull off lighthearted, as well as dignified. I believe without a doubt that Hammer has the ability to tackle the role of the emerald guardian.

4. Mike Vogel

Vogel may not be on the same level as the beloved Chris Pine, but that doesn't take away from his potential to play Hal Jordan in the newly established DC Cinematic Universe. You've got to start somewhere, and what better place to start than in a tier one role? I know Vogel has plenty of experience in the industry, but he has yet to do something huge. He's a talented actor who I believe deserves more work, and more attention. With enough practice, Vogel could become an exceptional Green Lantern.

What do you folks think?


Who would you like our next Hal Jordan to be?


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