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In this non spoiler review I'll break down the pilot episode of a fan made series created by two writers.

The pilot perfectly titled "Thunderstruck" gives an interesting look into this incarnation of Spider-Man.

season one suit
season one suit

While jumping back to the basics again of High school. This incarnation skips the origin story and gives us a serious but quit frankly silly spider-man (or as he's called here; The Spider). This series isn't aim for kids and it's perfectly clear this universe is also much bigger then one would think. Being part of its own marvel universe it's clear that we might see bigger things and crossover action in future episodes, however this series is focusing on a 17 year old Peter Parker and it does a great job. He has a small group of friends Gwen Stacy, Harry Osborne and new character Jackson Connors, the writers seem to go out of their way to include easter eggs, develop the world and settign up a much bigger story arc throughout the season and for frist timers, they actually hit it on the head.

The villain of Shocker is dangerously fun and is a good transision villian for things to come. we get a nice if semi-shakey start to this series and while I think they could fix the scirpt in a few area's; like:

- fix some V.O. moments

- add a little more humor

- flesh some other characters out

other then that, we get an origin story to the criminal form Amazing fantasy #15 who ties really well into the overall story.

My favorite characters have to be Peter/Spidey, Gwen, Norman, Charles Nolan and just a large chuck of the rest of the cast. While they are all memerable I do love the action scenes and comedy, it's not over done and a right balence. Gwen stacy is different then most of her counterparts but she does give TASM's Gwen Stacy a run for her money while seem to be true in some ways to her comic book counterpart. All in all The Spider is off to a great start.

What do you guys think of the script? (which I attached to the review)

The Spider's Spider Logo
The Spider's Spider Logo

What did you guys think of the pilot, was it good, was it awful? would you want to see it? What was your favorite moment?


Would you guys Like to see the spider made into a netflix series or TV Series?


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