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Bats has an Advantage

In this picture I believe it Batman setting up traps for Superman in an abandoned Wayne Manor. It smart for Batman to lure Superman to his home turf and set up traps for him there, more than likely Superman wont be expecting any surprises from Batman so that gives Batman an edge in battle. The fact that this battle will take place in Wayne Manor has me fucking pumped.

Superman knows....

At this point Superman more than likely knows that Bruce Wayne and Batman are one in the same and is in Wayne Manor searching for him or was he lured there? Whatever it is he seems pissed off and tensions are running high between him and Batman and a lil scrap between the two may have just happen seeing how his hair has a little curl. Superman and Batman fighting in Wayne Manor is epic in every way possible instead of Crime Alley and it smart for Batman to do that possibly wanting to avoid more collateral damage.

It personal

Batman on a personal vendetta against Superman for the destruction of Metropolis and his building being destroyed. This version of Batman is angrier and is like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode and is going after Superman to make him pay for all the lives that were lost that day.The very fact that Batman lured him into Wayne Manor proves this is very personal for Batman and he wants to make sure Supes knows about it. Expect the fight to be very vicious.

Titans Collide

Wayne Manor being the setting for this fight seems epic to me in so many more ways than one, it has a gladiator type feel to it with two titans going at it in a very gladiator type setting. Whoever is the winner i have a feeling we're in for one hell of a fight damn it.

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