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[Probable spoilers if you aren't caught up to Season 5, episode 5]

Season 5 of Falling Skies is halfway through and as the end approaches, my emotions are getting harder and harder to control. Okay, but seriously. I love this show and I'm going to miss it. There are an innumerable amount of things I'll miss about Falling Skies, but I'm only going to list seven here.

So, here they are:

1. Aliens...Well, their deaths anyway

For me, it's been hard to find an alien movie or show that I can actually take seriously. Most of the crap is used up, repetitive, and annoying, at least in my opinion. But Falling Skies wasn't afraid to show us the ugly sides of aliens and the not-so-ugly sides of them.

It's no secret now that the Skitters used to be humans (or other creatures, depending on the planet), but were transformed into aliens by the overlords, the Espheni.

So, while some of the Skitters were able to be returned to their human form or held onto their humanity for as long as they could, but were ultimately killed, most of them were just killing machines themselves.

Which brings me to the Volm. They're a totally different race of aliens and help the Second Mass, undoubtedly. Like I said, Falling Skies isn't afraid to go there. Different species of aliens, different abilities, different sides.

2. Pope vs. Tom (or just Pope in general)

Ever since we met John Pope in Season 1, things between him and Tom have been...tense? Stressed? Forced? A ticking time bomb? Yeah, we'll go with that last one. Perhaps it's because it all started with Tom being taken prisoner and then things just escalated from there over the last few years. Or maybe it's just in Pope's nature to be...Pope.

"There's only one thing on this planet I can't stand more than you, Mason. That's skitters."

However, Tom and Pope frequently banter, and their back-and-forth came to be something I loved. It cracked me up sometimes and got my heart beating at other times (specifically in Season 5, episode 4, when Tom put that gun to his head). Now that things have finally come to a head and the series is coming to an end, I'm starting realize just how much I really enjoyed the two of them together.

3. The love triangle

We all know that Hal's last girlfriend ended up becoming a mindless puppet for the Espheni, so he's not really in the mood for games when it comes to romance. (Man, I was so happy when Karen died, though. Thank God for small miracles.) When he meets and falls in love with Maggie, he really falls. And then Maggie ends up paralyzed, which leads to Hal insisting she take some of Ben's spikes to heal, which leads to an odd and undeniable attraction between Ben and Maggie, which leads to a kiss, which they get caught at, which leads to tension and Ben getting punched in the face, et cetera.

There are only five more episodes for Maggie to just choose Hal and the whole love triangle to be over. Sorry if you think she's going to choose Ben--it's just not gonna happen.

4. Tom Mason's gruff yelling voice

So this one isn't really serious, but c'mon...I know you know what I'm talking about. Sure, you'll still be able to probably hear it on The Librarians or in movies like The World Made Straight, but it just won't be the same.

Tom Mason's gruff yelling voice gets me pumped and ready for some alien ass-kicking!

5. All those character deaths

Let's see...

There was Lourdes, Lexi, Jimmy, Sara, Karen, Denny, Tector, Dai, Lee, Jeanne...and so many countless others.

6. Captain Dan Weaver

"We've been living at the razor's edge of death for so long, we don't know any different."

I'll admit that I didn't like Weaver much at first, but he obviously grew on me. Now, I believe that there isn't anyone who doesn't like Weaver. We've seen him at his lowest and we've seen him help others at their lowest. He's just a good guy and he's changed for the better over the past five seasons. I'll be sad not seeing his face every week.

7. Family

Throughout the entire series, one thing has been proven over and over, and that's that family doesn't have to be blood. The Second Mass has become one big family and the fans have become a part of that as well. Though we won't be seeing them on our screens anymore, the family will live on.

After all, to quote Tom, "Apparently, even the Volm cameras add ten pounds."

Wait. That can't be right.


Which 'Falling Skies' character are you going to miss the most?


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