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The upcoming Power Rangers reboot is itself a Hollywood mystery box so great it could get JJ Abrams slavering! There's just something about this project that's hard to visualize. Maybe it's the fact it's adapted from a particularly cheap and hokey 90s project, or that it full on epitomizes the effort to capitalize on nostalgia that Hollywood has been pushing in recent years. Still, it would have been hard to visualize something like at first, so perhaps this could turn out fantastic! Let's run through everything we know about the Power Rangers Reboot from news on the plot details to the release date!

Based on Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

This point you really could have guessed yourself. Of course if one iteration of the long, LONG Power Rangers canon is being adapted, it's gonna be Mighty Morphin'. Lionsgate ain't gonna touch Ninja Storm or Galaxy or Hyper Biscuits or whatever other Power Rangers properties are out there ready to be pillaged. Mighty Morphin' is the one that resonates with the groups in their late twenties, pining most for stuff they remember, so that's the one we're going with!

Rita Repulsa as the Villain?

I agree!
I agree!

Another predictable choice that we're only slightly sure of. If you're bringing back Power Rangers twenty years on, you're gonna want to use the most recognizable villain possible. It emerged from an early scripting leak (because what news doesn't come from that these days?) that Rita Repulsa could be the primary villain. While we could sneer at the sheer obviousness of this casting choice; can we really say it wouldn't be the most fun ever to see a new version of this woman? What could she do in the reboot? The script leak spoke of 3D printed zombies. So yeah... why not?

"Mature but still playful"

Yes, Dean Israelite. Those are indeed some words! This is the element of the Power Rangers reboot that confuses me no end. The description of "mature but playful" just makes me think the filmmakers must be ashamed of both concepts. "It's mature, but don't worry! It's still playful! But don't worry! It's still mature!" It seems the Power Rangers reboot could be at risk of pandering to a demographic that doesn't exist.

Casting Unknowns?

Ain't happening, guys!
Ain't happening, guys!

There were a few rumors thrown around in the conception of this production, some involving the potential casting of Chloe Grace Moretz. Sorry guys; Moretz has one of the best track records of any actress her age. She's not gonna put it all aside just to be one of the Power Rangers. The potential for this casting clearly shows the internet's lack of understanding when it comes to the casting progress. Being able to picture Chloe in the pink Ranger costume is not the same as her signing the contract.

Now, there are sources claiming that Lionsgate is looking for unknown actors in their late teens to play the Rangers. If you ask me, this is perfect news, for the Power Rangers brand was never designed to employ stars, but to make them, or send them into the porn industry. Either or.

Pushed Back to 2017!

And here's the bad news for anyone wanting to gawk at this enigmatic project any time soon. Lionsgate CEO, Jon Feltheim has announced that the Power Rangers reboot is being pushed back to January 2017, when the blockbuster landscape is less competitive. That's not a great sign, as movies that actively assume the January slot tend to be ones aiming for a lukewarm reaction. Allegedly, Power Rangers was intended to go head to head with the upcoming [Ghostbusters (2016)](tag:32733). I'm really not sure what market both of those are competing for, since the Power Rangers crowd is significantly younger than those indebted to the Ghostbusters brand.

The Power Rangers Reboot is still a long way off, so much more news could still emerge before it hits our screens! For now, you can catch more on this reboot right here! Be sure to watch this space on MoviePilot for updates on the release date, trailers, casting and more!


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