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With Season 6 of The Walking Dead fast approaching the question that was constantly bandied around last year has once again come to the foreground: will super villain Negan appear, and if he does, who will play him?

While it seems unlikely (in my opinion) that we will see Negan at all in Season 6, we have received one small piece of information to sate our appetite for knowledge about the villain: Kevin Durand, one of the most popular fan choices, has ruled himself out for the part.

Would Kevin Durand have been the best Negan?
Would Kevin Durand have been the best Negan?

Speaking during a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) this week, Durand broke many hopeful fans hearts when he replied that he was simply too busy with "the Vampocalypse" at the moment to accept any offer that might come his way. Here's his full reply:

Of course, it's also possible that a three-year wait for Negan is actually not so far fetched. Season 5 of the TV series ended where issue 77 of the comic series finished up, and the character of Negan is not introduced until issue 100. So basically there's still a lot of material to cover in the show before we can expect to see the villain on screen, making it unlikely he'll appear in Season 6, though possible we'll see him in Season 7 or 8.

But whether we see Negan sooner or later it looks like Durand is basically out of the running - so who else would be perfect for Negan? Let's take a look at three of the most popular choices:

Henry Rollins

He's got the look, he's got the attitude and he's got a lot of support from the fans of the comic and the show. Rollins really showed off his evil side when he starred in Sons of Anarchy as AJ Weston in Season 2, and Walking Dead comic creator Robert Kirkman has admitted that Negan's physical appearance is based on the actor - what more convincing do you need?

Jon Hamm

Much like Henry Rollins, Jon Hamm also doesn't look too different from Negan and has also been called out by Robert Kirkman as a top pick to play the villain. Hamm is renowned as a versatile and talented actor, acting in dramatic Mad Men series for 7 seasons, and also comedy series such as Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, making it likely he could slot into the role as a villain with ease. Finally, Hamm has already worked with AMC, home of The Walking Dead for seven years on Mad Men - perhaps loyalty could come into play with casting?

Vinnie Jones

This British actor has a long history of playing hard men, so naturally Negan would be the perfect role to show off those skills. He's a pretty in-demand actor with a slate of films lined up through 2015, but I'm sure if he had the chance to play Negan he could find the time in his busy schedule.

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