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While there's no doubt that Rick and gang have dominated TV over the last five seasons with The Walking Dead, there's another gang who have dominated movie franchises - Harry Potter and the crew. So what happens when you blend the best of TV with the best of movies? We end up with the rough, tough men of The Walking Dead sorted into the four houses of Harry Potter of course!

Take a look at where the 8 main male characters (who are still alive!) would end up if they were sorted into a Hogwarts house today:


Daryl and Rick in Gryffindor
Daryl and Rick in Gryffindor

Gryffindor traits: Bravery, nerve, chivalry, courage, daring, strength of will, justice, honor and courtesy

Rick: There's no doubt Rick Grimes belongs in Gryffindor - in fact you could even compare him quite closely to Harry Potter (in my opinion, anyway). Rick is brave and daring, unafraid to take chances as a leader to ensure the survival of his group. Because of his background as a Sheriff and now Constable, he has a strong sense of justice, though it may have become slightly warped in this new post-apocalyptic world. Lastly, we certainly saw Rick's chivalrous side come out in the second half of Season 5 when he jumped to defend Jessie against her abusive husband.

Daryl: Daryl fits the Gryffindor mould in much the same way as Rick. Daryl has had to be brave since he was a child, raised in an abusive home, and it's heartwarming to see then that he still maintains a strong sense of honor and chivalry despite his background. Daryl is often the protector of women or children - taking a shine to baby Judith, and forming strong bonds with Carol and Beth. He puts himself in daring situations in order to protect them (such as going to the hospital with Carol to find Beth), and frequently shows his courage and bravery.


Eugene and Morgan in Ravenclaw
Eugene and Morgan in Ravenclaw

Ravenclaw traits: Intelligence, wit, wisdom, creativity, originality, individuality and acceptance.

Morgan: Morgan is a Ravenclaw through and through. The Morgan we saw in early seasons was a little unhinged, but there was no denying his intelligence and creativity with his extensive booby-trapping of the street in Season 3. When we saw him again in Season 5, he seemed full of acceptance for this new world, and also very wise, having undergone some sort of training - something that his Ravenclaw sensibilities probably led him towards. Morgan is definitely a unique individual in the post-apocalyptic world, and this was especially demonstrated when he opted to leave the Wolves alive, but tied up after they attacked him, rather than killing them then and there.

Eugene: Eugene is an interesting character to sort into a house because he definitely demonstrates qualities that could land him in Slytherin (cunning and self-preservation), but ultimate he's a Ravenclaw. Eugene, though somewhat cowardly, is undoubtedly extremely intelligent, not to mention quite witty. He can be creative when need be - especially shown when he weaved his elaborate story about knowing the cure for the virus, and he's not afraid to be an individual within a group.


Abraham and Glenn in Hufflepuff
Abraham and Glenn in Hufflepuff

Hufflepuff traits: Dedications, hard work, fair play, patience, kindness, tolerance and being unafraid of toil.

Glenn: While he displays traits that could put him in either Slytherin or Gryffindor, I think Glenn's hard working and kind nature places him firmly in Hufflepuff. Glenn has shown consistently since Season 1, and he's unafraid of toil and hard work - following Rick and putting himself in danger for the good of the group. Glenn has demonstrated a very patient and kind attitude with his wife Maggie, and also a fair attitude when it comes to decisions made about the group.

Abraham: Abraham is the ultimate hard worker - getting Rosita and especially Eugene close to Washington, thinking that he was on a mission to save the world. Now that the group has reached Alexandria (after he showed his tolerance and forgave Eugene for his lie), he has shown once again he's unafraid of toil, making himself useful in the work detail. Abraham is dedicated to helping Alexandria be the best it can be - the ultimate Hufflepuff.


Carl and Father Gabriel in Slytherin
Carl and Father Gabriel in Slytherin

Slytherin traits: Resourcefulness, cunning, ambition, leadership qualities, self-preservation, determination, cleverness, fraternity and power.

Carl: Despite Slytherin house being strongly associated with 'evil' in Harry Potter, that's definitely not always the case and if you look at the Slytherin traits then there's no doubt that Carl belongs here. These days, Carl has become incredibly resourceful and cunning - something that has probably ensured his survival for so long while others his age have died. In the second half of Season 5, he started exhibiting leadership qualities among his peers, and also is constantly proving his strength to his father. Slytherins can also show a healthy disregard for the rules, and well, we all know Carl doesn't always like to stay in the house.

Father Gabriel: While a pre-apocalypse Father Gabriel might have fit very nicely into Hufflepuff house, his true colors shone through soon enough. Self-preservation has been Father Gabriel's main objective in recent years, beginning with locking his congregation out of his church and keeping the supplies for himself. Once the group moved to Alexandria he showed cunning when he displayed no qualms about changing allegiances and throwing his saviors under a bus by trying to convince Deanna the group was actually bad. There's no doubt Gabriel is clever, though personally I'd have no problem with this Slytherin having a run in with a walker in Season 6!

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