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If you saw the 2002 notorious horror The Ring, then you won't have easily forgotten the terrifying Samara Morgan. This haunting specter of a girl crawled out of the TV in all her bendy evil glory and straight into our nightmares. I don't think there were enough pillows at hand for the time that I sat and tried to tough it out watching The Ring for the first time. This jump fest was pretty hard to get through, there was barely a chance to breathe a sigh of relief before the next jump moment was right around the corner.

Daveigh Chase is the actress behind this creepy girl. Thankfully, she has not followed in the footsteps of Samara and has gone from creepy to captivating.

Yep, I am creeped out all over again just by seeing this GIF of Samara.

What has Daveigh Chase been up to?

Daveigh Chase, the actress behind Samara, has done loads with her acting career since starring in The Ring. I was pretty amazed to hear that this talented young actress is the voice behind cute little Lilo from Lilo & Stitch. Maybe, I have been living under a rock and everybody already knew this but I thought this was pretty cool. Daveigh also starred as Samantha Darko in the now cult classic Donnie Darko. She sure seems busy as she currently has two films in post-production: American Romance and JacobJosefAimee.

Her journey to becoming an actress

Amazingly it was a freak road-trip incident that changed her life. At just 8 years old, Daveigh was in a car crash with her Mom. The crash marooned them in L.A. and her mom was told she could not drive for 6 months. Being in L.A. sparked an interest in Daveigh to pursue a career in acting. Surprisingly, her dream of hitting auditions all stemmed from watching her favorite show, Barney & Friends.

So what does Daveigh look like now?

Well, there is only one way to tell you!

Just teasing. Scroll down to see!

Not so spooky now, eh?

Ice cream time

There is no denying that Daveigh is absolutely beautiful

Vampy Fashionista

Samara just got a little less scary

Daveigh may have starred as Samara, but she even scared herself a little!

In an interview, Daveigh revealed:

"A lot of people think that it might have been scary but because I'm the scary thing, it wasn't. But then when I saw it, it was like totally freaky. I was covering my eyes up on my part. I'm like, "How can I be scared of myself?" but I was. It was real scary. I love scary movies."

You can follow Daveigh's adventures on Instagram and Tumblr.

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