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It's been a while since we've heard from our girls Jade, Yasmin, Cloe, and Sasha. I remember Bratz dolls becoming really popular once I stopped playing with dolls, but my sister owned a few with some super fashion forward outfits.

I even remember watching the trailer and thought it looked really cute! Sadly, I also realized it wasn't targeting my age demographic, as I felt too old to watch the film.

The Bratz have welcomed a new member to the posse, and her name is Raya. The new dolls are part of "Generation Z," and they are up to date with all the newest gadgets, including selfie sticks and emojis.

The makers behind the Bratz dolls wanted to tap into what elements make up the modern day girl so they could properly represent that with the dolls. Some important attributes they kept were the girls' cartoonish features, their variety in looks, their mix-and-match fashion, and their confident attitude.

A new feature for the girls is the Study Abroad fashion, in which you can buy outfits from around the world. The girls are also sporting a lot less makeup, as many parents were commenting on the fact that the Bratz were looking a little too done up.

The girls are so up to date with the latest trends, they're even sporting light pastel pink hair and a shaved side hairdo.

A huge part of me wishes that I was a few years younger and got into the Bratz craze. They're so cute and I love their confident attitude, I feel I would have had a lot of fun dressing them up and doing their hair.

Sometimes I wish I could just be a little doll-playing girl again. But this time, with much much more "Brattitude."

[Source: Cosmopolitan]


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