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During the course of four movies fans of Jurassic Park have been treat to a display of dinosaurs resurrected in the modern era. With the release of the fourth instalment this year and a planned sequel coming with the same cast it is fair to say that the Jurassic Park franchise is making a resurgence in popularity. So here is a countdown of the most ferocious and down right badass creatures we encounter in the Jurassic Park movies.

6. Stegosaurus

Although they didn't have a huge role in the franchise these creatures are just cool to look at when they appear. They are mostly peaceful however there is a scene in the beginning of the second movie where the Stegosaurus fiercely defend their young, swinging their gigantic spiked tails around. You wince when you see those organic wrecking balls fly over Julianne Moore's head because Spielberg's fantastic directing gives you a real sense of just how much damage one of those things could do.

5. Mosasaurus

Remember that sea monster in Jurassic World? That enormous creature that leaps out of the water for its food to the amusement of audience members, in a similar way to how people see whales and dolphins at a water park. That thing is called a mosasaurus. The scenes featuring this dinosaur are some of the coolest in the entire movie. One of my favourite moments was the pterodactyl dunking the woman in the water over and over like a biscuit being dunked in a cup of tea. For them both to be snapped up by the monstrous sea creature. Not only that, it also takes out what is supposedly the most dangerous genetically modified creature ever.

4. Indominus rex

The writers of Jurassic World clearly wanted to step it up a notch when introducing a new fearsome monster to act as the antagonist in the new instalment. So they went all out with the theme of genetic engineering introducing a hybrid creature made up of all of the most dangerous elements that can be found in various dinosaurs. It could even do a few things that we hadn't seen any other creature do in these films before, for example camouflaging to blend into the environment. That scene was actually kind of unnerving to watch, by that point we knew that thing is the most dangerous animal to ever live, so the fact that it is standing right in front of them and has been for some time is quite frightening. In any scene that the Indominus rex was featured it was really quite scary.

3. Brachiosaurus

The gigantic creature is of course present in one of the most pivotal moments in movie history. The famous "Welcome To Jurassic Park" scene is an important childhood memory for a lot of people. Having said that, you don't have to have seen the movie as a child to appreciate the beauty of that scene. You can watch it retrospectively and still completely buy into the magic. There are many others also that highlight the impressiveness of the enormous creature and how effectively it was created. Another sequence that sticks out to me is a moment at the end of the third movie. In which the characters are passing a Brontosaurus and it leans its gigantic head towards them and the camera. The detail on the creatures face was impressive and the friendliness of the animal made the viewer connect with it once again.

2. Velociraptors

Every movie in the series has sold the audience on just how dangerous these things really are. They pose a threat to the heroes of every movie. Due to their speed, agility and ferocity. Not only that they are one of the most intelligent creatures of those that were resurrected, in the first movie we are amazed and frightened in equal measure at how they learn to open doors. By the third movie the seed of an idea that they can verbally communicate is planted. Jurassic World elaborated on this further having them be able to talk to each other and the Indominus rex due to the raptor DNA in it.

1. Tyrannosaurus rex

Let's be honest out of all of the creatures viewers encounter the T. rex is the most formidable. In the first movie we were enraptured when we first glimpse the dinosaurs as were the main characters in the famous scene mentioned earlier. However, shortly after the sensation of wonder at the herbivores grazing serenely by the watering hole, came the realisation that along with the most peaceful, scientists also resurrected the most dangerous dinosaurs. Which means the return of the T. rex. The scene in the first instalment where we first encounter the T rex. as it attacks our characters in their Jeeps is tense to say the least. It had a lot of build up and is one of the most pivotal moments in the series.

Spielberg definitely has a love for the creature as despite him introducing other dinosaurs that could take it down, the lizard always comes out on top in his movies. The first movie ended on a triumphant note for the T. rex as it roared, having killed the raptors. Just to drive the point home even further a banner falls into shot reading: "When dinosaurs ruled the Earth." The ending of Jurassic World was actually a nice little nod to this scene in the original. Despite the setting being different there was a moment at the end of the movie where the T rex. stood tall over Jurassic World and roared. Having outlasted what was supposedly the most dangerous creature of all. You can create all the genetically modified killing machines you want but the Tyrannosaurus rex will always be king of the jungle.

Did I miss out any awesome creatures from the Jurassic Park movies that you think should have made it in there? Let me know in the comments.


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