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Being rich and famous (basically) automatically gives you the green light to demand whatever the hell you want to - no matter how obnoxious it may seem to us ordinary folk!

And whilst admittedly most actors remain well-behaved and relatively low-maintenance (asking for the odd snack or favorite bottle of champagne, for example), others are prone to insisting on rather unusual demands from movie producers. Just because they can.

Enjoy the following 11 bizarre, but strangely brilliant, examples:

1. Will Ferrell

During his promotional comedy tour for Semi-Pro, Will Ferrell went all out with his demands. A lengthy list included additions such as the need to have an electric three-wheel mobility scooter always present, as well as one fake tree and a painted rainbow on wheels.

My favorite request however, is a headset, but specifically "Janet Jackson-style." Fantastic!

2. Jack Nicholson

Whilst filming The Departed, Jack Nicholson allegedly insisted that a massive dildo be involved in one of his sex scenes. And that's not all - he also demanded that Martin Scorsese let him snort cocaine off of an actress' bare butt.

Well, you do don't say no to a silver-screen legend, do you?

3. Will Smith

During the filming of Men in Black III, Will Smith demanded he be provided with a monster trailer, even though his New York apartment was a 2-minute drive away.

As you can see, the colossal trailer is pretty big, so huge in fact that apparently local residents actually complained that it was blocking out the sunlight. How that's possible I'm not entirely sure, but one thing's clear is that this portable mansion was ridiculous.

4. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise insists that he is provided with at least 50 custom made thongs whilst on set. Bizarrely, he prefers to wear this particular type of underwear when he's doing action scenes which, as any woman will tell you, is not the most comfortable garment that exists...

So next time you watch Tom running away from explosions or hanging from a wire in Mission Impossible, I dare you to try getting the image of Tom in a lacy thong out of your mind.

5. David Hasselhoff

Baywatch star David probably demands a lot of things, but one that particularly stands out is the fact that he likes to always half a life-size cardboard cutout of himself backstage.

Admittedly, if I was as cool as the Hoff, I would probably do the same.

6. Barbra Streisand

Reportedly, when working in London once, Barbra Streisand insisted that rose petals be placed in the toilet! Why!? You're just going to pee on them anyway!

She also demanded there be peach colored toilet paper to match her complexion and 120 bath towels. Also in peach, naturally.

7. George Clooney

Despite his small on-screen time in Gravity, George still thought it was imperative that he have a hot tub and a custom-made beach hut installed next to his trailer.

The entire set up reportedly cost about $125,000, but because he is clearly a very reasonable man, he generously let co-star Sandra Bullock make use of his wonderful amenities.

8. Marlon Brando

During the final years of his life, Brando decided to abandon all rationality when making some of the most hilariously bizarre demands. Just because he was Marlon Brando, and he could.

Working on The Island of Doctor Moreau, one day he picked up an ice bucket and plopped it on his head, refusing to take it off. No amount of coaxing could convince the acting legend to part with his plastic friend so it remained on top of his lid for much of the movie.

And it doesn't end there because Brando also demanded that a dwarf he had made friends with previously be present in his every scene, refusing to step out in front of the camera otherwise. Well, whatever floats your boat, Marlon!

9. Gary Busey

When filming Quigley, Busey refused to be in a scene in Heaven unless the set was perfect.

This is because he recalls having had a near death experience back in 1988, which gave him a glimpse into what Heaven really looked like. Apparently, the sofa wasn't quite right and the mirrors had to be removed because they didn't exist in Heaven. Obviously.

10. Steve McQueen

On the set of The Towering Inferno back in 1974, actor Steve McQueen took his rivalry with co-star Paul Newman to the next level by demanding that in the script, he had exactly the same number of lines as him.

He was also adamant that his name be on the left on the poster, but the sneaky studio producers compensated by placing Newman's image slightly higher on the right, like so:

11. Angelina Jolie

Angie is said to have once requested flying lessons for Brad Pitt as part of a movie contract. And this just makes me wonder: Why did she ask the studio to pay for something completely unrelated to production? Also, considering they are both multi-millionaires, why couldn't they just pay for the lessons themselves? But you have to admit, if you were Angeline Jolie and could basically have whatever you wanted, you would probably do the same.



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