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Marlon McDonald

Have you ever sat with your friends and wondered which star of the MCU would fit a particular role in Warner Bros. and DC impending universe? I know I have, and it's a lot harder than it looks, because the actors of the MCU are pretty much now synonymous with their roles.

But what if Chris Pratt was given the call to play a Batman? Would that blow your mind? Would petitions be raised to stop this madness from happening? I mean, Michael Keaton was, probably, the best Batman we've had, and he came from very comedic roots.

Anyway, come with me now as I regale you with my MCU/DCEU draft, and have a look and see how well the super-boot would have fit if it was on the other foot:

Chris Evans - Superman

Chris Pratt - Batman

Robert Downey Jr. - Lex Luthor

Cobie Smulders - Wonder Woman

Chris Hemsworth - Aquaman

Don Cheadle - Martian Manhunter

Anthony Mackie - Cyborg

Mark Ruffalo - John Constantine

Scarlett Johansson - Enchantress

Jeremy Renner - Captain Boomerang

Elizabeth Olsen - Harley Quinn

Paul Bettany - Hal Jordan

Idris Elba - Jon Stewart

Tom Holland - The Flash

Zoe Saldana - Amanda Waller

Dave Bautista - El Diablo

Vin Diesel - Killer Croc

Bradley Cooper - Deadshot

Paul Rudd - Slipknot

Michael Douglas - Alfred Pennyworth

Evangeline Lilly - Lois Lane

Sebastian Stan - Rick Flag Jr.

Tom Hiddleston - The Joker


Agree with my choices?


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