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The fandom that The Flash has garnered over the run of its first season is simply incredible, and I'd imagine that the CW is sitting on the brilliant returns of this ambitious Arrow spin-off, wondering just what to do with Season 2. It seems they're in luck, for the fandom surrounding The Flash is one of the most vocal and celebratory the internet has seen since Supernatural. The desires of fans for Season 2 boil down to a few particular things.

  • Following up on Season 1: No one wants all that hard work in Season 1 going to waste!
  • New Characters: There's a whole untapped corner of the DC universe that this show would do well to exploit!
  • A progression of Barry's story: Season 1 set up some interesting potential for Barry's future, and the last thing we want is our favorite new hero coasting.

So now that we've nailed the general air of the fandom in the run up to Season 2, let's get into the specifics. What are the exact things that fans are getting excited for in the absolute certainty that is The Flash Season 2?


What will the singularity bring?
What will the singularity bring?

The Season 1 finale left us questioning just what happened to Barry when he jumped into that singularity that threatened to destroy the city. Well, multiple timeline antics is what's gonna happen! In Season 2, fans can expect to see Barry Allen traversing alternate timelines where certain events never occurred, making for vastly different plot landscapes. You know the cool episode of a show where a character gets to see what the world would be like with one tiny detail changed? Yeah. I think The Flash is aiming for an entire season of that!

The show runners should keep in mind, however, that they should not indulge too freely in the DC multiverse. Messing with it too much risks rendering all plot possibilities in future seasons just that... possibilities.

Jay Garrick and Wally West

Jay Garrick's helmet
Jay Garrick's helmet

A couple of laser-focused easter eggs in season 1 suggested that The Flash was not operating within a closed off universe. A glimpse of Jay Garrick's iconic hat suggested that the first speedster could be around, and we could be set for a mentor situation in season 2. I could imagine something similar to the dynamic we just saw in the recent Ant-Man, which could prove fun. My only reservation is in the aesthetic that could be carried over in this character. Much effort already went into making Barry Allen's costume look legit and tactile. The CW have a greater challenge ahead if they wanna keep that hat!

Gorilla Grodd

Elevated animals are just the best, especially when they're gorillas. That's science! You just can't argue with it! While Reverse Flash was set up as the primary villain to be carried over to Season 2, but Grodd is still around, and still poses the same threat as he always did. I'd like to see him employed as more of a calculating villain than before, but as always with character designs this ambitious, he will only appear as often as a TV budget allows. Don't like it? Why don't you be a producer then? Go on! Do it!

Killer Frost

And then we didn't see her for 4 more seasons!
And then we didn't see her for 4 more seasons!

And here you can see the sheer confidence The Flash is expressing. After the astonishing growth of the fandom over the run of Season 1, the show here decided to basically say "yeah. We know we're sticking around!" The briefest glimpse of Danielle Panabaker as Killer Frost during Barrys run through time was somewhat of a promise to fans. It's only a couple of seconds, but she's fully decked out in the costume, with the moment looking ripped straight from future seasons. My only grips is that the costume could have gone a little more all out! What happened to the woman literally made from ice shards, CW?

What are your thoughts, hopes and fears for The Flash Season 2? Let us know with a post here on MoviePilot, by voting in our poll, or by leaving a comment below!


Which of these are you most excited to see in The Flash Season 2?


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