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What better person to go about making a film about Benghazi than Michael Bay? The dude knows how to make action films, and this one is about the "secret soldiers" of Benghazi - obviously a topic that many people don't know all that much about. Or that we may think we know a lot about, but when it comes to the details we are still a bit foggy. The film is called 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, and its trailer has released.

I'm really into the fact that John Krasinski from The Office was cast for this movie. Love that dude... anyway, here is the trailer:

This could be, not only a dope movie, but an important film that helps explain what happened in a pretty mysterious event. An event that is arguably the most controversial attack on American diplomats, soldiers, and citizens in the past decade.

What do you think?

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