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(Warning - MASSIVE SPOILERS for the last few episodes of Game of Thrones' fifth season lie below. If you aren't all caught up, then beware: SPOILERS ARE COMING.)

Now, after seeing ten episodes filled near-to-bursting with fundamentally awful things happening to beloved characters, it's arguably a little tricky to determine exactly what was the most unutterably difficult part of Game of Thrones' fifth season to watch.

Was it the brutal rape and assault of one of the show's already most cruelly treated female characters? Was it the bloody murder of a fan-favorite, at the precise moment where we though nothing could get any worse? Was it even the torture and public humiliation of a character difficult to like, but hard not to respect?

Perhaps, but if the wails of distress that appeared on social media after one particular episode were anything to go by, there was one particular moment that may just have broken more hearts than any other.

You probably already know the one I mean, right?

Yup. The one involving the ever-more-endearing Shireen Baratheon...

...being burned to death by her own father, Stannis Baratheon, as part of an (unsuccessful) effort to win him victory in a forthcoming battle.

Which, while we didn't actually quite see it happen, was sufficiently disturbing just in the hearing of it to scar a whole lot of us for life.

And now, it looks as though it's happened to Shireen - or, at least, to the young actress who played her, Kerry Ingram - yet again:

Or rather - as she later revealed to fans still too traumatized by the episode to find the post all that funny - Ingram found herself at a BBQ, and couldn't resist a quick SPOILER-ific gag...

Which, seeing as it was actually pretty darned funny - and Ingram has more right than anyone to find the light side of that particular awfulness - doesn't actually seem all that bad.

Though, that being said... might still be a little too soon.

Though not too soon to be completely and utterly done with Stannis...

And y'know what? That actually does make me feel a little better...

What do you think, though?

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