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Do you like The Walking Dead? Do you like beer? Do you wish that your beer was prepared and labeled in the spirit of the show? If you answered "yes" to any of those three things, I have some amazing news. Georgia's Terrapin Brewery (of course Atlanta, Georgia is where they shot most of the show) has just bestowed us with a TWD inspired beer.

It's aptly a Blood Orange Red IPA. For those of you who don't drink or are too young to partake, this is not only a perfect flavor for the show because it has blood in it... it's also amazing because it sounds like it would taste amazing. I mean, check out the label. 6.7% alc/vol ain't bad either. It might leave you feeling like a zombie if you have a bit too much, to be honest.

A turtle that is also a walker? Sign me up immediately. If you can't read that label it says the following:

Terrapin Beer Company and The Walking Dead have teamed up to brew the official beer of the undead. Made with blood orange peel, and a horrific amount of hops, this bloodthirsty Red IPA will have you prepared for the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse

Yes. Just yes. I am completely on board. Brewed in college-town Athens, GA, I have a feeling this will be popular on a lot of college campuses very soon. This is freakin' incredible.

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