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The Disney princesses have all been to high school multiple times in the imagination of talented fan artists, but I think Bev Johnson has just turned out my favorite class yet!

Johnson is currently a college student at Rhode Island School of Design majoring in Illustration and Animation so it's totally plausible that she could end up drawing Disney characters as a living, and looking at her style, I would love it if she did.

Check out her pretty pastel princesses heading off to class in the images below to see what I mean:

Anna and Elsa

Elsa wears the proud, yet decisively distant look of an older sister in high school perfectly.

Belle and Aurora

I love the playful nod to Aurora's colorful name with the pastel ombre in her flowing locks.

Tiana and Mulan

Mulan already had a preference for tomboyish togs back in high school.

Cinderella and Pocahontas

Pocahontas' face sums up my high school experience quite nicely!

Merida and Rapunzel

Merida's outfit is certainly 'Brave' for a high school student, but I love it anyway!

Ariel and Jasmine

Ariel proves she is Disney's biggest hipster once more with this glorious color blocked outfit!

Check out more from the artist HERE.

(Source: Tumblr)


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