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I really don't know how to react to the leaks of the X-Men Apocalypse trailer. Initially, I find it a massive shame that our first exposure to [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267) is through the phone of someone who can't even shoot straight, in an echoey conference hall where it's hard to even make out the dialogue. On the other hand, how stupid is it that I'm upset about not being able to see a commercial properly?

If anything, it's simply too hard to judge the aesthetic of X Men Apocalypse, since we basically haven't even seen any of the movie yet. Leaks just aren't enough to make an informed judgement of where a movie is headed, but what we can do is wonder where the series is headed in general. Even some sparring elements like the costume design in X Men Apocalypse have come under fire, and it all begs the question of whether Bryan Singer's X Men legacy needs a make over!

Criticisms of Apocalypse

This is the problem!
This is the problem!

Oscar Isaac was the perfect choice to play Apocalypse. The man has a magnetism in the way he carries himself, and in his more sinister roles, you can feel this volatility to his being. In movies like Drive or Ex Machina, you can sense his ability to play dangerous and intimidating characters. Then the first pictures of him as apocalypse are released, and yeah he looks like Ivan Ooze. Maybe everything in that photo just came off a little too purple, and maybe this cartoonish image is something director, Bryan Singer, is aiming for.

Still, there's no denying some fans were let down by one of the most powerful characters in Marvel canon seemingly having gummy snakes stuck to his head. Sure, maybe he'll be shot in just the right way, or CGI could swoop in and save the day, but right now, Apocalypse looks closer to the Happy Meal tie-in than to the original concept art.

The Bryan Singer X Men Aesthetic

Let's take a moment to talk about how crazy it is that Bryan Singer has essentially remained the arbiter of the X Men movies right from the beginning. Sure, other directors like Brett Ratner and Matthew Vaughn have dipped in and out, but in some cases, Singer's efforts have brushed over previously established canon, like someone returning to their apartment that someone else messed up. Despite the fact that Apocalypse will be Hugh Jackman's last appearance as Wolverine, there could be one more movie in this timeline, and if it reaches 2019, we will have seen Bryan Singer helming X Men for twenty years!

Should X Men Reboot?

So tired!
So tired!

Know that I'm not dismissing the quality of the X Men movies in recent years. They've remained consistently good, give or take a Wolverine sideshow here and there, and there's nothing to say this iteration couldn't keep being good for years to come. However, if there's anything that the recent wave of superhero movies have taught us, it's that visual change is a good thing. We have two iterations of Spider-Man, two iterations of The Fantastic Four, and several interpretations of Batman. Why is X Men seemingly unable to do the same?

So should we see a different take on the X Men product? Which directors and which styles would suit this universe? Share your thoughts with a post here on MoviePilot, by voting in our poll, or by leaving a comment below!


Should X-Men reboot after Apocalypse?


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