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Recently its looks like there's been a rise of talented young actors and actresses that are joining the major leagues of Hollywood. It is exceedingly difficult to establish yourself in a world filled with aspiring actresses so it is refreshing when I see an unique and down to earth talent on the big screen. From people like Jennifer Lawrence or Ezra Miller to Lupita Nyon, the new generation of Hollywood has been blessed with a large, talented pool of actors. And that's a pool I would like to dip our toe into.

A spectacular example of a fairly new actress to hit the big screen is Margot Robbie. The gorgeous 25-year-old has been the best thing to come out of Australia since Hugh Jackman. Her upcoming work in Suicide Squad will no doubt bring her international success and fame but where did the beautiful Aussie starlet come from?

Margot Robbie

Born and raised in the sunny coasts of Queensland, Robbie started her career in small roles in Australian films and TV shows. It wasn't until her part as Donna Freedman in the prime time show Neighbours that she became a house hold name. (Well, at least in my house. Aussie pride!) As a series favourite, Robbie grew up with her character through high school into adulthood, and after five years with the beloved 7pm drama, Robbie left the show and soon after moved to America in 2012.

After a quick stint on ABC drama series Pan Am, Robbie graduated from TV to the movie screens debuting in the romantic comedy (and time travel) film About Time. It was in that same year that she played opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in the award winning Martin Scorsese's dark comedy The Wolf of Wall Street. This film earned Robbie several nominations and a couple awards for her role as Naomi Lapagila. This was the year where she showed the world that she was more than a beautiful face; she oozes sex appeal and has the acting chops that make her a force to be reckoned with.

Riding the wave of success, Robbie was cast in several smaller movie roles in Z for Zachary and Suite Française that were both positively received but remained quite unknown to the mainstream public. 2015 was also the year that she appeared in the romantic heist comedy Focus alongside her Suicide Squad co-star Will Smith. The film was well-reviewed but failed to highlight the actress' star potential.

However, I believe 2016 will be the year for Margot! She has three movies lined up for the upcoming year. She will be appearing in Fun House where she's playing Tanya, a journalist who recounts her journey during war time, and as Jane in the real life movie adaption of Disney's Tarzan, and that one movie that everybody can't wait for, Suicide squad. It is quite the popular opinion that Margot Robbie is going to rock it as Harley Quinn in the upcoming comic book movie. With the trailer just released, our first glimpses of Robbie as the crazy anti-hero were enticing and left audiences salivating for more.

I think it's absolutely fair to say that we can expect much more amazing things from Margot Robbie. She has grown immensely from her time has Donna Freedman and all the Aussie's are proud to see her reach major stardom in Hollywood.


What film do you think will be Margot Robbie's biggest role?


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