ByRasheed Luke Abordo, writer at

Here I have 6 minecraft fan arts that are radically awesome!!!

1.) Zombie

Now that is what we call a blockhead! (And alot of them!)

2.) Ghast

The sad and scary weeping ugly creature in the nether plus it shoots fire balls!

3.) Iron golem

The strong mob beating ally is one beautiful creature (except for the nose) defender of the village, we salute you!

4.) Creeper

For noobs this was the most feared mob ever! It blows up like a TNT plus extra creepy for its eyes staring in the windows.

5.) Enderman

The block collector we all loved the enderman! A peaceful mob and you can't shoot arrows at it or it will teleport at your back and hurt you!

6.) Steve

Steve! The character and the protagonist in minecraft!

Tell me your favorite character in minecraft in the comments below!


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