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It may be over two months before Season 6 of The Walking Dead premiers on TV, but hints about what we can expect to see have already trickled in from the cast and crew. However, there has been one reveal by a cast member that no one was expecting! Alanna Masterson a.k.a. Tara Chambler announced yesterday that she was pregnant.

The 27-year-old actress made the announcement public via her Instagram account, along with a sweet photo of herself cradling her stomach:

Just prior to Masterson announcing the news, her boyfriend Brick Stowell also posted his own announcement - a photo of the couple, complete with Masterson's prominent bump:

This will be Masterson and Stowell's first child. Masterson and Stowell, who is a photographer, have been together for some time if this 'throwback Thursday' image from 2007 posted by Masterson is anything to go by:

But while news of a baby is always a joy, it also has fans of The Walking Dead worried for the future of Masterson's character Tara. Filming on Season 6 of the show is still underway and it remains unclear if this real-life pregnancy will be echoed in the show, if the crew will use filming tricks to cover it up, or if even perhaps Tara will be killed off.

However, if fellow Walking Dead costar Sonequa Martin-Green is anything to go by, Tara could be in luck. Martin-Green was pregnant for much of the end of Season 5, and her character Sasha managed to make it through unscathed, though whether Tara will be as lucky, we'll have to wait to find out!

Watch the trailer for The Walking Dead Season 6 below:

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday October 11th.

Source: US Magazine


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