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Baldwin Collins

The race is on, Which solo singer or band will sing the theme song for new Bond film 'SPECTRE' ? artist Ellie Goulding has been heavily tipped by punters from monday, according to media reports. she's been seen Exiting the Abby road recording studios in london, it's been claimed she recorded a song with B M I MUSIC, titled 'spy' which possibly be a sound track for the new bond film, Goulding has teased a tweet on instagram captioned 'that's a wrap'. and 'live and let die'.

however there's also strong bets on the group 'radio head' being the ones already recorded a song for the bond film. book makers should be having a field day on this. recording a James Bond theme doesn't mean you've got the gig yet, in my opinion. history has recordings of many well known and new artists that recorded possible theme songs for bond films, but wasn't chosen as the official theme song. So being recorded is one, being chosen is another. it's still early days yet, Who knows Sam smith could still be in the running as the surprise singer.

What are you're though's and you're favourite singer or group to sing the new bond film theme ?


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