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Ted is back! When the teddy bear is not innocent anymore


Jon (Mark Wahlberg) divorced with Lori (Mila Kunis) while her best friend, a teddy bear Ted (Seth MacFarlane) married his girlfriend Tammy Lynn. After 1 year of marriage, they had conflict and decided to have children. However, Ted cannot do adoptions because he was considered a ‘property’ and not a person so that he could lose his rights. Ted and Jon asked for legal assistance from Samantha L Jackson (Amanda Seyfried) to file charges in court

As a sequel, Ted 2 could not repeat the success of its predecessor in 2012. Starting from the quality of the film, rating and performance of this film at the box office. Very disappointing when compared with the first. Seth MacFarlane did not learn from the failure of A Million Ways to Die in West although obviously Ted 2 is much better than that movie. In fact, after the first release Ted, Ted became a popular bear and made a lot of memes.

Humor in Ted 2 is around Drugs and Sex and rant and reference of pop culture. Several times Kadarshian name used as a joke in this film. Ted 2 does not differ much from Family Guy, but this is the live action version. We can clearly see the resemblance of his comedy style. However, some scenes were able to make me laugh, especially the scene in the sperm bank as shown in the trailer.

Too Bad Mila Kunis cannot participate in this movie. Instead, Amanda Seyfried fill the position Mila Kunis as Jon's love interest. Although the star is replaced with similar capabilities to Mila Kunis, Amanda’s chemistry with Mark is not as good as when with Mila.

Humor in this film parodies many other films such as Jurassic Park (complete with theme song), breakfast club, etc. fortunately the scene is very funny and did not fail. Although of course there is a joke about drugs and sex.

Ted is a comedy movie that should be watched. Although sometimes the behavior of thunder buddies Jon Ted and look annoying and very stupid, surely we still want to have a life bear like Ted.

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