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Arnold Schwarzenegger once ruled Hollywood with his gigantic physique and macho persona. With movie credits like the Terminator franchise and Commando, he became a household name in the nineties. Although he is famous for his action flicks, Arnold does have a pretty impressive resume when it comes to character roles. The former Mr. Universe turned actor turned politician recently returned to the limelight of stardom with movies like Last Stand and Terminator Genisys. This Thursday, he celebrates his 68th birthday, and I’m looking back to those movie moments where Arnold engaged our emotions with his acting talents.

1. Joy: The smiling Terminator (Terminator 2: Judgement Day)

Terminator 2 is arguably the best movie Arnie has ever been part of and T-800 is his iconic role. Arnold managed to give a commendable performance as the humanoid robot, with his trademark swag and action prowess. Apart from being a mindless action flick, T2 succeeded in channeling human emotions into the character and those sequences were a joy to watch. One of them was when T-800 tries to smile. Since it was absent from his manual, T-800 replies to the request from young John Conner with a crooked smirk. It was a delight for the viewers.

2. Sadness: The dying Terminator (Terminator 2: Judgement Day)

T2 not only managed to entertain us, but also make us burst into tears, when the good old T-800 is dismantled in the end. The threat that is T-1000, is eliminated and T-800 himself needing to be destroyed so that the apocalypse won’t happen. John Conner is heartbroken and so were we. T-800 consoles John by wiping the tear off his cheeks and says “Now I know why you cry.”

3. Fear: The killer Terminator (The Terminator)

Before T2, there was T1 which introduced Arnold as a not so friendly T-800. He was a dangerous killing machine who was tasked with killing Sarah Conner. His emotionless face alone was enough to bring chills to our hearts and when he started to beat the crap out of people, it became truly terrifying. Undoubtedly one of the iconic villains of cinematic history, Terminator’s T-800 will live on as one of the most terrifying characters of all time.

4. Disgust: Ugly son of a bi*ch (Predator)

The story of a band of soldiers being hunted by an invisible alien killer is a perfect premise for an action flick, and that’s exactly what Predator delivered. Arnold plays a commando named Butch, who is left alone to fight the invisible enemy, after his teammates were killed off one by one. Predator provides some old school Arnie moments and one of them is the revealing scene of the alien predator. Luring him into a trap, Butch confronts him and that’s when he sees the face of his enemy. The reaction was spontaneous and most of us had the same feeling: “You ugly son of a bi*ch!”

5. Anger: Shut Up! (Kindergarten Cop)

An undercover cop disguises himself as a kindergarten teacher. This film was a perfect mix of humor and action, and watching Arnold tiring himself trying to control a bunch of kids was hilarious as well as infuriating. In one of the funnier moments, he shouts at the children to try to get them to listen, and in that moment we feel sorry for the kids and angry at him. Before that, we were actually rooting for Arnie, while getting angry at the little ones for not obeying him. Either way, the subsequent scenes cool us down with some good old laughs.


Which Arnie emotion is your favorite?


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