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We live in a world where we have been given Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and Avengers movies that are ruling at the box office. Then Marvel goes and does a Guardians of the Galaxy movie that blows everyone’s expectations away and they follow that up with an Ant-Man film that’s funny and heartwarming. They seem unstoppable. So what could be next?

Guardians of the Galaxy: surprisingly excellent
Guardians of the Galaxy: surprisingly excellent

One of the keys of Marvel’s movie success is that each movie fits in a different genre. Captain America: First Avenger is WWII period piece, Winter Solider a spy thriller, Guardians of the Galaxy a space opera, Ant-Man a heist movie and so on and so forth. These movies fit all these themes they just so happen to have superheroes as the protagonist. So why not delve into the horror realm?

That’s also one of the things that made the Marvel zombie craze kind of cool. Now we are dealing with zombies that have super powers. Of course it would be hard to fit that into the regular continuity and you are also going to ask you a-list actors to now portray zombies, but I feel it might be a lot of fun. And the timing works for it still. The Walking Dead is still one of the biggest shows on TV and the Evil Dead is getting their own TV series. Zombies are still in. So why not the Marvel Zombies?

One of the other things at the core of Marvel’s success is they never take themselves too seriously. It’s why Marvel Zombies got published in the first place. It’s a universe where Howard the Duck, Spider-Ham and Throg exist, so I would not put it past them to consider this. And given their irreverent sense of humor I think we could get an MCU meets the Evil Dead type vibe to it. I for one would stand in line to see that one. But what do you guys think?

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We will ever see a Marvel Zombies movie?


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