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The other day, I was doing the usual and checking out the 'discover' tab on Instagram to look at some sweet fan art. I often come across some mind blowing pieces, but nothing has really compared to the art that I'm going to show you guys today. This breath-taking art comes from Benjamin Davis, a self taught artist who was born and raised in Bridgend, a small town in South Wales. The 23 year old phenom tells me:

"I've drawn for as long as I can remember. I was known to be the artsy type in school, but I've only taken my art more seriously in the past year and a half when I discovered the prismacolor pencils and the results you could get from them."

With his prismacolor pencils, Benjamin is able to seamlessly add detail after detail, bringing his artwork to life. Now without further ado, let's check out some of Benjamin's incredible work!

The Invincible Iron Man

Check out the detail in this piece! It almost looks as if it was done on a computer, but it was done entirely with prismapencils! Unbelievable. Iron Man's suit looks as good as it did in the movies.

The Green Ranger

Benjamin did a great job showing us that this Ranger is no stranger to battle by giving him scratches on his helmet, and on the rest of his body.


The Hellraiser himself! Benjamin's ability to make his art come off of the page is uncanny.


This one had me fooled at first glance. I love how it isn't just a flat bag of skittles, but one that's been touched. The words match the contours of the packaging, and the incredibly life-like color and lighting all make it look deceptively real.


This impressive drawing of the Merc with a Mouth is beyond accurate. From the suit to the body language, Benjamin was right on the money.

Olaf and Elsa

Another breathtaking drawing with great coloring and composition.

LEGO Spider-Man

Such a cool piece! Benjamin does a wonderful job of making it look as if Spider-Man is swinging right off of the page.

Darth Vader

Lord Vader wonderfully brought to life by steady hands, and a good amount of prismapencils.

The Dark Knight

This impressively realistic drawing is utterly breathtaking. It couldn't look any more like Christian Bale's Batman.

Master Chief

I'm sure that you guys can all tell by now that Benjamin Davis is no stranger to detail. Just look at the intricate design of that suit!


The Man Without Fear took over 30 hours for Benjamin to finish! I'd say it was time well spent.


Now this is no ordinary pug! The pup's name is Archie, and belongs to the drummer of Benjamin's favorite band Bury Tomorrow. Benjamin was actually given the privilege of drawing this awesome picture for the drummer himself! How cool is that?



This picture, without a doubt, does justice to one of the most recognizable characters from Mortal Kombat. The detail in this piece is unbelievable.


Beep boop beep.
Beep boop beep.

Another spectacular drawing of a character from a galaxy far, far away. I love how R2 is a little roughed up. Going on the adventures that he's gone on, R2 was bound to get that shiny exterior scratched up at some point.


In this drawing, Benjamin really shows off his attention to detail. Every drop off ooze looks like it's spilling off of the page. This is possibly my favorite piece.

If you'd like to check out more of this artist's work, you can follow him on Instagram @whilesheburystomorrow and you can check out the work that he has for sale on his website!

What'd you guys think?


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